Saturday, September 28, 2019

Stuck, Redemption

What has been evolving is that you could not reach be reached "society", and desolation is inevitable, therefore we are stuck, and this reflects even in relationship between those under the law and the wildheart. Though desolation is looming the love such as between a man and a woman would reach this point and it is here that "He would lay down his life for another life and further intend to synergise with those under the law, thou they do not know what they do". For the law was for them to keep and not to use against whom they hated. But here it is also proper to say,   "For they will hate you, and they will kill you" even so that they reveal they never knew the SPIRIT even while saying Jesus, Jesus for this was the origin on Jesus as he and his cousin John were as the wild heart of the ram caught in the reeds that gave up their lives. For on the planet on the time was the wildheart among men but they would soon have no place to lay their head because of the misconception about the law and those that would interpret without the SPIRIT. Seeing that they would not be reached and their love was a lie even as they would gladly follow a lie so it is that the true son of man layed his life down because of her yet she did not reciprocate but used the law in a manner it was not intended against him. This was the story of the three betrayals and the manipulation and lies toward the law. For the men and priests that are being shamed are taking their shame, and they are the least of them who are greater than any of these who say Jesus, Jesus but never knew the SPIRIT. So we go in another direction and let go of those whose love is a lie, whom shield their own shame and what they have done while heaping upon whom they hate all their shame. In the end they will be the least while those they judged will be revealed to be those they persecute. Money leads astray, and causes many to be damned. Leading to all manner of lies and manipulation to take the birthright from those they intentionally misunderstood. So take refuge in Jesus and the law while misunderstanding the SPIRIT until the day you are enlightened by the SPIRIT to see whom you have pierced. Humans were to be destroyed because of interpretation of the snake which was as the original sin, but it was given to them this way that the wildheart lay down his life for another life that synergises with those under the law. (Knowing the SPIRIT reveals the fulfillment of the law in that "where two of three are in agreement" it is made right and does not offend those who are not at that point in their growth. But those who use the law in a manner it was not intended, play god by stepping between those whom something has been sanctified believing they know what they cannot know without growing in SPIRIT. The law was meant for "you" to gauge yourself, not to use in such a manner against a man. But the separations from SPIRIT are coming due and the planet and those who love their interpretation (they did not get from SPIRIT) will be led to reveal themselves and shame and blame will be given them to such a degree as 10 times what they used against those they manipulated, first for money and so on as the SPIRIT moves. So let it be!

Let those first according to humans reveal themselves to be last. And religion, let it be revealed they never knew whom they hated, whom they used the words of Jesus against is exactly whom Jesus said they would persecute and INTENTIONALLY misunderstand. Let the veil separating you and I on this planet be torn as was revealed by the death of all wildhearts that were abused by those USING THE LAW in a manner it was never intended. This was the poetry of Jesus and the wildheart John. let the shame break their hearts that they have done unto him whom they never knew exactly as was done to Jesus revealing their hearts. Let the SPIRIT reveal this mystery in humans, let the shame be returned to those that use the law as they do.


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