Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Kansas, Offended, Orange Event,

So I have been having synchs with Kansas lately and today we went into a hairdresser and there was a magazine about Kansas and I did not like traveling in Kansas before in my life because of how flat it was and all the miles of corn fields, but this magazine seemed to show that Kansas was not all fields.

Offended, this was synch word within the whirlwind a few times. So I know when a manipulator is looking for a way to portray they are offended (when they really were not) if you looked into the "true intent" of this person you would find it is them offending. Perhaps politically this might be used, not sure which party or side starts this one but it seems to be a classic manipulator complaint.

Also I had the "Orange Event" synch yesterday at the local Ford Dealer.

The Coming Orange Event - DNATREE

The Predicted Orange Event and "both sides" synch - DNATREE

Synchs of late that like in the 2008 Stock Market Failure it turned out in the vibe so far that they are fleesing the flock and if they did it in 2008 and we have such a manipulating and lying leadership, do you really believe that the true intent of Trump being money will not end you horrible slaughter of the financial meat of the middle class flock.

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