Wednesday, September 04, 2019

Leave the Struggle

Ok, got the message the SPIRIT allowed that direct communication through the storm Dorian but the reaction the next day with Trump and Lou Dobbs where if you do not worship the beast you hate America well that pretty well spells out where we are at.
The only way is to die to human activity and let there be only YOU and I/SPIRIT and through love and synchronicity synergise with all that is and of course those around you, neighbors, family, fellow Americans. What they are demanding is opposite to what SPIRIT is about. Rather vote true servants and let go of the struggle that is these on the right demanding you worship their interpretation which will lead to desolation.

Knowing the true intentions of the heart is manipulation and money and all the synchs over the years about the subject of what was coming we can see through the lens of the SPIRIT what is really going on,

Classic lying manipulators say exactly what they are doing is what those they are manipulating are doing such as the Lou Dobbs and Trump saying the left hates America if they do not worship the Beast who is manipulating America right now. When really they are FLAT OUT using the hate of the far right Nazi's and haters of all sort including those that love their interpretation that DID NOT COME FROM SPIRIT more than they love their neighbors yet in a sound bite they make it like everyone else who does not agree with their ideologies and manipulations hate America.

So this is where the synch is sitting

 If the property does not exist anymore nor the island and it takes a bee line for that property then it may do the best to reach Americans about SPIRIT. So I have not had much more than that as a synch about this but I wait today for what the SPIRIT will give me about this.

So I see this as a reckoning because of the 'Apocalyptic’ devastation in Bahamas that this is saying something different than what is being presumed. 

The Answer is the SPIRIT

When I found I was being manipulated and used for money by someone that had planned to use the presumptions of others against a man, I was broken hearted and fled human existence and because of following the synchs to that point I knew that from that moment on there was only YOU and I, MY LIFE and that everything was now just YOU coming to me in the form of that day. This ATTENTION/WORSHIP led to a very wonderful existence where anything was possible and so it became so. As I came to see ONLY YOU MY LIFE then I began to see the good in everything that came into my world and after years alone everyone that came into my world. So the end of these leaders which lead astray is desolation and the new world that will be born will be only servants of one another and this money that causes so much manipulation and making use of the law in a manner it was not intended will be revealed through what they are doing and no one will say follow him or this group for everyone will know that GOD is within and never outside of us.

I died already to the struggle with humans, In that moment the SPIRIT reached me I left the world
Now there is only YOU and I, MY LIFE
In other words the real experience of being Crucified with Christ where you allow the experience in order to see past the interpretation
Yet now I live, yet not I but the SPIRIT lives through me.
There is no way to reach the world/masses
Only to reach You!
A cripple must not dream to make his legs work again, rather he should dream to do the true intentions of his heart that he might dance with YOU. Then healing can come without attention to the problem.
There is coming a reality where the only light will be reflected as through the moon
Stand by Me!
If your desire is to calm the water
Dream that day new!


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