Sunday, December 01, 2019

Deer died, synchs, series of unfortunate events

Had to mercy kill a deer, I mean she killed herself, we draw to ourselves and yet blame others you know. So during extreme lightning and thunder the doe ran out and right into my front truck wheel rim and smashed her skull. Neighbors showed up and we loaded it in my truck, they used a pistol because the deer would not recover it was obvious.  I wonder if it is related to "she cut herself" It happened last night about 4:44 PM! It was becoming unusually dark because of the storm and sunset was at 4:28pm and it was very close to home when it happened. There was a series of seemingly unfortunate events for some yesterday in my reality. And it seems like this is the synch for Dec 4th for some. So I think this is related to what will be happening to reach those that remain to the heart.

I have been trying to reach you about what you are drawing to yourselves, but you would not listen!

Therefore, I must break your hearts!


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