Tuesday, April 28, 2020

My Pet synch and health synch this morning and Wink

I have been trying to communicate with my dog and the SPIRIT about his health. I wrote this on my table the other day.
My synch today about my dog's health started with a bug in my sink when I woke up and how I used hot water to "flush it" down the drain.  Then I turned and noticed my dog licking a sore on his leg. I had just gone through a communication with my dog about his food. He was rejecting his dog food and wanting "people food". But I knew I needed to do something different so I got real meat and began to make him meals with that and mixing only a small amount of his dog food.  I also placed the bottle of hydrogen peroxide where he sat licking his sore in order to communicate with him. He got the message and hid from me. LOL So later I got him to stand still and let me clean that sore with the peroxide.  After cleaning his sore I went to yahoo and in the very top of my list was this article.

It turned out to be about my own and American's diet as well and from the synchs of late also about shadrach meshach abednego
So the synergistic help for my dog and my self is  related to both spiritual and our physical food and related to what they don't want you to know about cancers and dogs and Americans.
 Greed seems to not want you to know this and another synch was that my computer was attacked at the moment I was listening to the video. I also notice the synchs with cancer, and other disease and coronavirus. Everything seems to be about selling now and about hiding the truth and with the constant barrage of cancer ads on the net tv now there seems to be no escaping keeping your attention in a bad place by big money.

Oh, I appreciate the video and information and the synch but I will follow the info and not necessarily buy their product unless Pam wants to do it once.


video of the Hydrogen Peroxide moment

They don't seem to like you to tell people such information unless it is a product or packaged in a product so I could use help making this information more appealing to Americans by others working synergistically to produce content using their skills. Start here to understand the tree of synchs.

One of my new contacts related to synchronicity on Twitter sent me a winking raccoon called Rocket Raccoon and that made me go to my wink synch and wow there is was what the synch was about for me and I also feel some of what he was alluding to and the connotations are endless. I feel the SPIRIT is at work between this new friend and myself and what the SPIRIT is also saying about our mutual intent.


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