Monday, April 27, 2020

The Right information is needed

Because I am trying to communicate with American think tanks so that they can have the details about all that has been going on for 26yrs. Start here

So you probably noticed that one of my passionate intentions did not come about by the next day in the way I wanted it to. Yea I know, but I need to look at Trump a little different and vice versa in order to cooperate.

It has to do with the

To Whom it Concerns, What your Presumptions have Wrought

I too wondered why I was so passionate that day about that line and I know it is because I really want to get to the promise and You really want to find the answer to the covid19 problem and I know the answer and really was passionate about having it happen and that you respond. But you didn't, but what I came to last night was I did not want to leave anyone behind even Trump though he lies and manipulates and hates so many that I love. His "hard man" stance is only leading to him receiving the same thing he puts out if not even more harsh. So I asked the SPIRIT about this and what I said about "I did not want to even leave Trump behind" even if he is not what he portrays to his base because like when I said "blessed is she who nailed me to this tree" I meant the one that broke my heart was doing at the time what she perceived to be right as I am sure Trump is doing and really never knew the True intentions of the heart. But like in the synch from May 1st 2019 exactly what is needed to save lives is clear right there but not one person cares and boy that gets a person that has sought to reach you for 26yrs about this very exasperated. And so then I leave the struggle and once again I am ok. And my joy over reaching one person that I had spent a lot of time as a friend on the internet with is more important to me than reaching those that will never be reached. 

Some "knowledge" that they tell you is "smart" will not lead to the expected outcome and the need for the right information at the right moment is needed. You have heard that knowledge is power but knowledge not guided by SPIRIT overlooks the smallest of points and will lead to death. Attention to SPIRIT is not learning a method, it is ever changing like the wind revealing the human knowledge as foolishness.

So what I was feeling did happen, in that many used "information" and died recently and our country finds that the right information at the right moment is needed.

But the right's ideology will not deliver it without the SPIRIT and the left's science also will overlook the smallest of points without SPIRIT but what they "try" can even lead to worse situations. Many of the things that it would be so important to have, the SPIRIT says "it can deliver." But first I guess you will have to break your own hearts by "drawing" more deaths before you begin to take the tree of synchs seriously. The synch with Pam sitting doing the crossword being put in the blog for that date one year ago May 1st 2019 is saying the SPIRIT is "Right on Time". And that was the intention I have to reach you is that the SPIRIT will give me that information when we get to the point we need to get to with all this. That is exactly what the moment with this synch occuring right now is saying and YOU and I need to come to an agreement.

Now if I had been given this type of evidence for my FBI or NSA or some other think tanks to look at, I would believe that even from a scientific point of view the  measure of proof is there.

Someone needs to get in touch now and work me and I am also asking the SPIRIT to shake your tree, (those that need this information) so you will take notice or be led to understand what is really being said. And if we can begin to move toward cooperation then I would like to let up on the "hard man" if Trump can be also reined in for a while as we work with this information to help come to an answer for America.

I will place here some of the links showing how all the synchs from past years lined up with what has been happening each day in 2020 meaning this is the moment of something of utmost importance.

Place links here....
Ok this Twitter link is a great place to start with all the synchs having to do with the SPRING of 2020

In 1993 when I asked the SPIRIT to change this smallest of points about what was going to happen so that I could reach America first I asked that the answer come through me, and the synchs for 26 yrs were meant to reveal this is so. Ok don't let history show you died because you overlooked this smallest of points, get in touch with me.

You think you have time but you may find out that is a presumption I mean the synchs have been right on and 50K deaths you don't understand what is coming obviously and I know how the smallest of points overlooked can change everything in an instant. Ok back to add: My anxiety was that I did not want to live through things getting as bad as they could where the leaders abandon the people before folks can have access to this and we lose so much. I guess that is why I am so anxious to have some cooperation soon. Remember you drew this to yourselves in order for this moment to occur.


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