Monday, April 05, 2021

Outlander, It's Love across time, get ready for the ride!

The Ongoing synch with "Love Across Time"  that will reach You to the heart

Our synch last night was about the smallpox vaccination and a message from the future


The night before we had watched 

James VS. his future self


The beginning of the synch was in 1993 with this poem


Wild Hearts can't be broken
Was love the pain that started all this
Was it the cause that drew the first kiss (synchronicity)
Or was it the reason I wanted you so
My blood runs hot but you already know
This is my Passion Play
Wild Hearts can't be broken'
The Preachers and Lawyers have veiled my bride
And by their view SHE IS MADE TO ABIDE
is the the reason that I died

It's love across time GET READY FOR THE RIDE

December 25, 2016

Time Travel and "Emotions Travel"

This synch was related to my intention in 1993 to reach you and about the problem with the vaccinations and the fix related to reaching you about the SPIRIT. I may have forgotten some things about the original dream but the SPIRIT remembers everything.

I remembered the synch with
https://www.cinemablend.com/news/2553349/how-bill-and-teds-excellent-adventures-time-travel-works and intended certain things to happen at this time in order to reach you. And that they show up at the moment they are needed. The SPIRIT is in control as '"ask anything of the father and it will be done" turned out to be very real. Because of the masses believng in a presumption about what is coming "revelation" which they did not get from the SPIRIT and believing it is for others to be punished but they themselves overlooked the smallest of points which is they did not get their "interpretation from the SPIRIT, therefore, according to their own words they are drawing their own punishment as those that believe in punishment are to be punished.

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James vs. His Future Self


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