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Universal Dream of finding home


When you are someones home you cannot turn them away!

The Universal dream/fantasy of creating home

June Lake Homestead Dream


            I have always had this fantasy when I am in a beautiful place of creating a home there. When I was a young boy and wanting to be independent I often dreamed of building a home. As I walked in a wilderness area the theme of building and living in my own home would often come up in my thoughts. As I fantasized I would begin to walk faster and soon I might even be running during the real exciting parts. I remember how I would often jump over logs as I dreamed. I believe that this dream is a universal/ occurrence/ fantasy that You and I also share. The Children of Israel in the wilderness were having this dream. YOU are my water, YOU are my bread, You are my home.

Jumping Logs dreaming of home

            I had been to this site before and remember dreaming about You and I living for a time here.


Parked at Spring in the desert where this dream was.

Entrance to Spring

YOU, my life, are a spring in a dry land

Water as understanding

The source of the Water in this Oasis

YOU are a garden in a dry place

Fantasy Location of dream

Location of Dream Cottage

All of us dream of building a home, where it would be, what we would do there.

View from Fantasy Cottage Porch

Simple/ low cost dreams


Within my life YOU are a fountain in a dry place. Looking for the synchs as in looking for water in the wilderness YOU became not only the water but a YOU are  our Life, the living fountain rising up in the well of our personality.


Like the peace I experience as I hear the sound of the leaves of the aspens and the light that filters through them so are the words of this tree in this garden within me where I DWELL with YOU.

I did could not see what was of YOU until the fire came and cleared and renewed our garden home.

Jesus did not speak except the Sprit (oldest tree in the garden) Spoke. He said they (religion) would not recognize him when he returned and would treat such as were of his spirit wrongly because they look through a veil of interpretation.  The poetry of the bible (parables) are from this oldest Tree. A teacher of freshness and rebirth. Of allowing and giving to the one which is life.

It’s all about soul (song) Dream of home and hearth  She gives enough love to this shared Spirit/ dream to keep his faith alive. I know that she loves the dream too. We give our love to a living dream that YOU might synergise our moments together.


Quote http://www.focol.org/fvuuf/sermons/fields_of_wonder.html


Somewhere deep inside him, the dream of home and hearth and peace and love feeds him like an umbilical cord feeds a fetus


Carolina Cabin

"Carolina Cabin" by Langston Hughes:
There's hanging moss
And holly
And tall straight pine
About this little cabin
In the wood.
A crackling fire,
Warm red wine,
And youth and life
And laughter
That is good.
The world is gloomy,
The winds of winter cold,
As down the road
A wand’ ring poet
Must roam.
But here there's peace
And laughter
And love's old story told
Where two people
Make a home.

Pictures from our Trip

My daily baptism in Freshness

            What is missing from a Baptist baptism? Why it is the freshness of letting go of the past and being immersed in a fresh moment with YOU. It is unveiled, it is uninhibited, it is sexy filling up the layers that I did not know needed filling.

Splash!!! Dripping joy freshness

What is missing from a Baptist baptism

The weightiest aspect of baptism

Something Fresh, something new, something each day that reminds me of YOU, my life.

What I am looking at in the previous picture

Note: the trail there is called sunrise.

I set the timer on the camera

Tuolumne meadows


Pam in Tuolumne Meadows

To be alone in a vast open Meadow is very nourishing

Pam and I began to have Marsh Synchs before leaving on this trip

June Lake Boat Ride

We explored the marshes around June lake via $20 dollar boat ride

Boat number 22 “Oh Joy”

Marsha! Marsha! Marsha!

Synchroncity with Meeting Spaniards

Several of the folks we met while in Yosemite were from foreign countries. I met three sets of Spaniards the first gave me a pen, and the last gave me a ride as the bus did not show up at Kenaya lake and the sun was going down and I was alone on the road in Bear Country. These Spaniards showed up and offered a ride. We talked about my Spain synchs of late and the Pilgrim’s Trail.


I showed them in my notebook where I had met other Spaniards already that day.


They were from Valencia and this last thumbnail is of the place where they picked me up

Our seven dollar campsite (golden access pass)  Our tent was next to the river.

 We like breakfasts at Nicely’s in Lee Vining and this time we also dreamed of the perfect hamburger as we went down the road Pam described the Crispyness of the hamburger and I described mayonnaise and ketchup mixed with the juices and as we drove into Lee Vining I saw Bodies and said here it is and sure enough both of our tastes were met perfectly.


Bodie Mikes

Here we met a German writer and spoke with them about writing. The next morning we met them again at breakfast and he came back to me and said that he had not understood all that I had told him until last night reading my card. We then spoke of collaboration on writing and synchronicity of meeting.











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