Sunday, May 29, 2022

Possum Synch

 After feeding Lola my cat and giving my dog a treat, I fixed some coffee and sat down and began to wait for something new. Then my long time friend from Milton Florida called and said. "What can I do about a possum that has taken up living under my house" We talked about what to do and I told him I would look up what to do about a possum. A little latter after looking that up a video came on youtube about a possum because I had looked up a possum. This video was

Catch Clean and Cook! Possum Chops and Biscuits.

It was somewhat humorous and I decided to send it to Mark in Milton

This evening we went out after and sat on the deck under the Tulip Tree. It was nice and cool and stars could be seen through the branches of the trees. Soon Byrd my dog began to grown and was looking across the creek on the other side of the hollar at something. We wondered what it could be that he had seen all of a sudden I noticed a white creature with a hunched back and a pointed snout in the light from the deck across the way that seemed to be foraging in the leaves between the trees. I turned to Pam and said look at that a white possum! We began to talk about the synch about the possum today and I looked up the white possum and found that in a town very close to us was an eatery called the White Possum Eatery. 
I decided to look up the dream meaning and totum of the possum

“Possum” or “Opossum,” no matter what way you spell it, most folks have heard the adage “playing Possum.” The term refers to the Possum’s behavior of faking death as a strategy to ward off would-be predators. But this term is extremely misleading. Possums (Opossums) do not choose to “play” dead. When scared, these sweet, gentle peace-loving Animals have an automatic shut off switch in their nervous system. During times when the fear gets to be too much, Possum lapses into a catatonic state. Because of this, Possum or Opossum symbolizes Tricksterish behaviors, deception, illusions, protective measures, and problem-solving.

When Possum is not “playing Possum,” this creature endeavors to come up with an alternative approach to difficult situations instead of fighting.

Many of the other dream meanings of possum also seem related to this time we are in


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