Friday, July 29, 2022

For those with true intention of heart that have sought with their whole heart to know the SPIRIT

 So with man it is impossible but with the SPIRIT all things are possible. It was not by your ability to interpret correctly that you are made right, but by the power of the SPIRIT birthing something fresh and new through you. 

This is what the SPIRIT told me

We were never meant to interpret, it was the SPIRIT that was to lead us into all truth. The original interpretation while Jesus was with us was fresh and new., But those that would interpret for us instead of leaving it to the SPIRIT caused that to erode until all there is is a carcass and where the carcass is there you find the vultures.

Tonight I  am dreaming of Christians with true intention of heart  and the SPIRIT came in this form because of those thoughts

I am thinking about young Jesus seeking the SPIRIT to understand the intentions of Moses, For as he was despitefully used and thrown out into the desert he wandered and wondered and thoughts grew passionately lets say like a small flaming tree. The experience of being used, manipulated and humiliated by those that would never understand the true intentions. The prediction about Trump in 2016 and about the man that conned my family.


The election and my family dealing with the con man

The cross experience was to reveal the SPIRIT in you because you shared in that experience with me. Knowing the SPIRIT and reaching for the true intentions of the heart.

This was all planned, it is meant to break your heart, tear the veil over your eyes that is keeping  you from seeing me. The veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me.


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