Monday, July 18, 2022

Greed, and the earth speaking, whale breaching, getting the message out

 The synch with Judaculla Rock and the monster sent because of greed and because Trump lifted himself above the SPIRIT and the presumptuous right followed after the lie.

Southpark and the water wars

My dog Byrd woke me at 4:44am not feeling good and I felt the synch with dog puke and how the religious right followed the pharasees in that they overlooked the SPIRIT and went back to building an interpretation of scripture and find themselves anti-christ 

As a dog returns to its vomit, so fools repeat their folly.

Whale Breaching synch with three Killer whales, waiting on more synchs with this

What the right needs to hear about their presumption of scripture and how without getting their truth from the SPIRIT and rather following interpretations handed down is equivalent to climbing over the fence and not entering in by the gate making them liars and thieves. But none are helping to communicate the #dnatreepredictions revealing this FACT then the right is empowered by their presumption of self rightness to overlook every argument and force their self rightness down the throat of everyone such as the Supreme Court forcing their religious presumption on the left.

So it looks like since so many are reluctant to share this message in time rather a group will grow a tree that will be there after the horror and fire of these two sides fighting over their respective presumptions. 

I need people to get the message sent, mailed, whatever means to get the message to those that need it to answer these presumptions being used by the GOP. Organise yourselves and use how they have overlooked the SPIRIT to communicate with those that are running over your arguments. If you do this correctly the humiliation of hearing this truth and the synchs over the years should reveal to them what they have overlooked.


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