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Allowing the natural process to unfold concerning the grifter Trump and GOP Party

 Allowing the natural process to unfold concerning the grifter Trump and GOP Party

You do not DO magic,,,You Allow IT to happen by getting out of the way of the SPIRIT through synchronicity

The more you try to fix the problem the more they the grift grows even to threats of revenge and death and turning the so called justice on you using the power of their base so the more convoluted it gets. Fixing the problem is the work of patience and trust in not only the truth but in the natural process which teaches patience and works through perfect love and growing synchronicity. You know the sheep  congregation/base is protected and kept in a safe pen and fed but in the end that creature is killed by the very one it trusted without questioning what is really going on. Shame or blame does not exist with the SPIRIT as everyone is guilty and everyone believes death is real and if you break down such feelings they are you saying you deserve punishment, but rather an exodus is called for away from presumption toward the natural process as if coming to know YOU, MY LIFE like it was without language, like it was in the beginning.

A synchronicity might be where a mystery between two or more similar circumstances begin the trek into wonder about the relationship between them and what it has to do with other past synchs or experiences. It is best for me to be alone wandering in a place like a dry rock bed or a garden setting, or some place like Joshua Tree State park wondering about the latest mystery. And seeing how the SPIRIT uses something like manna found in a fresh place to give my wonder something to chew on


This morning started with the first video that caught my eye in my youtube feed

The surprise turn in Fox's favorite new fearmongering story


The next video in line was a similar mystery to uncover but it got me thinking more about my own brush with grifters that seemed to have such an edge that their ability to make a lie real even in the courts seemed to be a practised art. This took me back to the motivation to uncover what the grifter was up to as it was a life or death situation and also the three predicted scenarios that I spoke to in 2017 post below. The truth comes out when you are motivated to find it and if you do not have faith in the SPIRIT leading you to uncover the truth and to teach you how to deal with such situations as they can destroy your life or way of life in the case of Trump and America. The motivations of the con person is most often money and power as was the three scenarios in the post below.

A World War 2 Soldier Was Found Frozen in Ice! | Secrets of the Ice | Science Channel


The first video was the con, whereas the second video was more related to the process of uncovering the truth.

So this brings us to the experience in uncovering a con/mystery related to three scenarios 2017


Reaching you to the heart about the lies and the mechanism that motivates to uncover the mystery

Monday, January 23, 2017

Election and our family dealing with a Con man that I posted would be the election synch

Before the Candidates were even entered into the race for president I had the synch about our family going
 through terrible lies and manipulations as well as bare-faced lying to public officials etc.
 I am sure that the posts I made then about that situation will have synchs relative to national security and perhaps treacherous dealings. Therefore I want to make available these writings to whom it may concern on my blog. 

When you are put in a situation where you are being despitefully used like the three scenarios and the 
person has spent their entire existance working on the grift like how to motivate a base to action like the 
January 6th crowd or a man having learned to steal using probate law and finding a loophole to exploit
the thing is that I found that the most practiced grifts are to teach you to rely on the growing synchronicity 
of wisdom that is working on your behalf. That is what the synchs are about. You come closer to desolation 
in the case of such as Trump's scam because you rely on what appears to be a sure win when you have the 
truth but if you do not follow the synchronicity it may be a loss like the other instances like when Trump used 
the word "HOAX" when the data your uncovering reveals the truth but in such circumstances the "truth" 
does not matter as the grifter has tools and a base that believes only what they say and are fed by other 
grifters such as Fox News and Newsmax to assist in the grift. 

So I found in such IMPOSSIBLE situations you cannot rely on the truth but on the SPIRIT, but the SPIRIT 
helps those that grow in synchronicity with the truth so as to not fret. The conman knows how to exploit 
your fretting as well so in my case I had to completely turn over my life to the "growing synchronicity" and 
make very clear to myself and to what was aiding me what I wanted and then listen and grow in understanding
of how it was to be done and what I needed to learn about Perfect Love that makes me look even at the 
grifter or enemy in a light as to how life sees it.

It is important that the message of the SPIRIT get out there about how this is to be done as if you think it is 
your power the grifter will become a tool used by the SPIRIT to break down your ability to win and make you
become completely trusting in the process of nature as well as the patience needed to endure it.

Having said that I need to get out of the way of the SPIRIT related to this whole scenario and lose myself in 
in a new fresh sanctuary and allow the SPIRIT to make this all fresh again for me. So it is coming up on 
May 21st and I am feeling it is time to leave the struggle for a while as everyting is in place and the SPIRIT 
going to create in you what is needed to begin the shift to this process of following the synchs and disregarding 
the pressure to fix problems which allows the natural process to have room to manifest.


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