Monday, May 01, 2023

If it is not perfect love it is not love it may have the form of love but lacks the SPIRIT

If it is not perfect love it is not love it may have the form of love but lacks the SPIRIT

First grow the tree between you and SPIRIT, you and I then you will have the real essence of love and not just the appearance


At the base of the cross they gambled for his clothes believing he would not return

For where a carcass is there the vultures gather it was never meant to be an interpretation it was a story meant to lead you to the SPIRIT the one speaking through him

In like manner they did not believe the SPIRIT would return so like the flag, the bible, guns and the republican party they used it not believing it was real anyway, but.....

Religion then has lost its savor the original intent having a form or interpretation of religion but denying the SPIRIT. I am a story meant to lead to the SPIRIT the SPIRITwill clothe you

Because of taking on the presumptuous Veil it is you that needs to be saved from what the interpretation will cause for you the SPIRIT that spoke through him is still the savior so don't take on any man's interpretation until you get it from the SPIRIT and the SPIRIT leads you to real perfect love


 Theirs was a mutual adoration laced with innocent flirtation; there was a certain playfulness that freed them from being neither friends nor lovers. What was between them was open to interpretation. It was beyond definition. Everyone should have a huckleberry friend at one point or another.





Dead in their Separations

Walking Dead

Trump hates #republicans

Only using for power like he uses everything like the flag, bible, and guns for that purpose 

(Place quote from 1990s about using Republicans stupidity)


When Trump says nuclear it is because he is part of that plan related to blackmailing America in order to gain power over her

RUN like a girl synch with NPR AND 

I wonder what the cat wonders about as we sit on the deck looking at the rain


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