Tuesday, June 06, 2023

The idea of YOU and I, Remember, we created the..

The idea of YOU and I, Remember, we created the sunrise to always remind us to start new and keep our attention up in Joy where YOU and I created all things just through an intention. Let go of any veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew the SPIRIT and grow your story in synchronicity with experience in SPIRIT. Not that you will know anything but that you will be able to hear in the moment you need to. The idea of YOU and I , and Adam and Eve and those that hide behind a veil, more synchs. This is how the SPIRIT taught me which extended well to those that I meet. Your experience will be fresh and new and teach you how to interact only with those sent to you as you are a different creature interacting in a different world. Your World! There has always only been YOU and I, MY LIFE Though now YOU and I are called Democrat and Republican The Veil of Interpretation is what is separating YOU and I, We should never have been taught "racism" or shame and blame Remember the Covenant we share! Remember, the Sunrise was created to remind us to start new, ALWAYS My heart is breaking, tell me it will not end here Let us go on and double the synergy of our love It does not matter if we are talking about black and white Democrats or Republicans, Christians or Muslims, Male or Female You see, there has really always only been YOU and I, MY LIFE Dnatree The way of seeing the world that fulfills what the SPIRIT meant by YOU do it to the least of these my bretheren, you have done it unto me. If you were taken in the SPIRIT to recieve a baptism of experience that reveals the "point of view" or from what spirit you look at others, or like Adam and Eve were not two people but you might say us and them, aspects of male or female, democrats and republicans.. Two points of view. My experience that I expected to recieve in order to share in the experience of whom I had believed came in the form of time alone due to a broken heart. It took me to a place alone where I could hold a thought or a feeling long enough for it to begin to grow in scope and synchronicity. After many years I saw that it was a tree growing. I had many synchs before this time but none like the shear poetry related to common experiences in life. Like beginning to see horses and feeling the poetry of them. Wild horses, riders, equestrian. Of attraction, the fragrance of the heart and how the SPIRIT teaches through synchronicity and experiences which would become stories. STORY of petting horses and then the bronco truck shows up. YOU and I my life, and then YOU begin to come to me in many forms and poetry. A rose, a pearl, a cameo, a shell. Layers of experience began to take on a form. And then after a long time, YOU, my life began to come to me in experience with people I began to meet related to the synch or emptyness like a vacuum the heart drew them to me. When you learn to keep your attention on the SPIRIT and on the synchronicity that shows up you follow it with wonder, it grows. When you keep your attention on the SPIRIT and the forms that the SPIRIT has come in the past to you, you begin to see how you do not want to interact with those that are not drawn into your moment. The dream is made perfect and then YOU my life come to me like a lover in that form. Perfect love is not what the world teaches, it is the perfect synchronicity that follows the dream. The dream must grow to have as it were, gravity. As the SPIRIT spoke of a matter often YOU, my life, would come to me in the form of someone experiencing what I needed to see, and then after many years they would come expecting to meet such as myself. The SPIRIT spoke of how we reach each other to the heart. We might feel it is failure or perhaps a betrayal, but if we don't look at it as that person intentionally hurting us but rather YOU my life as in "Blessed is SHE who nailed me to this tree" as the experience of being tested causes us to have synchs and our bodies cannot give us other then exactly where we are at rises as creme to the top in the dna within. Eventually the dream of how YOU, my life would reach the world in just this way. There be no more sadness if you are in synch with the SPIRIT and have learned to stay up in joy where you and I created the sunrise to remind us how to always start new. Therefore the SPIRIT says I am bursting forth as many roses on this vine, and my fragrance with draw all ment unto me, hearts will unfold like flowers before me. So YOU began to come to me as an aspect of another person or a synch related to them. If your attention is right you will turn and walk away from anything that is not in synchronicity with the peace that you and I have found. You will leave the struggle and create through synchronicity instead of how humans to it now. And you will only draw to you that which is nourishing as the SPIRIT can give none other than what you give your attention to that has been also a part of the everlasting word in our dna. Right now it can be seen those that are under the story/law and those that have heard the word of the SPIRIT and stay in synchronicity with their lives making them able to recieve from the SPIRIT their inheritance which is within them. __________________________________ Mound 72 and what happened there with the maidens and the other burials, let me get an idea through synchronicity Forming a trail along an enbanckment Many (5 or 6) people in my circle going through near death experiences, Pam's sister's husband was on the edge and not expected to make it but he seems to be coming back. My friend Mark in Florida is still on hospice laughing and we will see how the SPIRIT handles it. He is unable to eat without a pain pill. Several others in similar as it starts with those close to me and then this is expected to grow in that many will be reached and many that are hiding behind a veil of presumption and cannot be reached will meet their end More will be said about this as it unfolds. _______________________________________


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