Saturday, January 26, 2008

The lie about Reconciliation

Two ladies in IHOP restraunt the other day [one with her hair in a bun and dressed to look plain] were talking about religion and reconciliation. Their idea of reconciliation was to have tough love [not love at all] and that the husband that did not believe as they did would have to believe in order to reconcile as all the problems in their marriage had to do with the blame they felt toward their husbands.
This is the classic way the dogma and interpretation has separated homes in America but the shocking truth that is coming is not to reconcile with the interpretation or with Jesus but to each other. Women with this concept [and some of my own] will find in a moment that it is the least of them that they have separated from in order to have a form of religion that they will need to reconcile with in love. And not contrived love but the love of the Spirit that is so misunderstood by lovers of the interpretation/law. Veiled by religion and the snake that feeds them interpretation they are tolerhating those that have been very patient with them.

Jesus came saying to let go of the Law and the idea of sin and of death and see only the Spirit and then the interpreters looked for a way to cover that up.


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