Saturday, April 14, 2012

The True intention of the Heart is greater than the Law

The Message that “the True intention of the Heart is greater than the Law”.

The world is so ready to catch each other crossing the line of the letter of the law and to place blame/shame but has no intention to understand the true intention of the heart of the SPIRIT that gave the authority of law. Presumption of Authority without the SPIRIT is a lie. True intention of heart toward SPIRIT will aid in fulfilling the intentions of the law without attention to the letter of the law.

Not because he who is led by the SPIRIT does not cross the lines set by the interpretations of men (man's law is a manipulation for profit now by those in charge. It is designed to get the most out of workers and create a business atmosphere. It has not nothing to do with the Authority of the Law as given by the SPIRIT)
But because he believes the SPIRIT and that true intention of heart is greater than those with their attention to the letter of man’s/woman’s interpretations.

In YOUR LAW SPIRIT do I meditate day and night (The LAW YOU showed me of attraction, reaping and sowing)

For there is no condemnation “from the SPIRIT” for those led by the SPIRIT

The enemy teaches that the interpretation about Jesus is the power to keep the law which is opposite from WHAT the SPIRIT is really about, so they teach shame and blame and attention to sin and the law while he in the SPIRIT is only concerned with “something fresh and new from YOU SPIRIT which keeps Your heart focused away from such that leads to lawlessness.

Like priests that continually have attention to the interpretation/of the law yet this leads to hidden lawlessness/child abuse, so it will be shown that also those hiding behind a badge and a judges robe also with their attention to the law also have this same greater lawlessness that is only overcome through attention to the SPIRIT.

More and more public servants and cops as well as judges are using the law in a manner that they themselves are crossing the line.
This is not an excuse to break the law though as "true intention of heart" warrants the love and attention to the SPIRIT that keeps You in a place where there is no law or offense.

As I spoke with Pam this morning she poured soy milk in tea and it curdled so I looked up that dream symbol and it had to do with this post.

Milk — (Instinct; Nature; Profits) In a dream, milk represents nature, instinct, or easy and lawful money. (such as a land flowing with milk and honey) However, curdled milk in a dream represents unlawful money


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