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Depression, Vanity, All is meaningless without SPIRIT


Tonight in the twilight zone, I had one of those waking/sleeping moments. I heard the words, "since Damon Masabiata passed away..." It seemed important, so I thought I should post it here.

I didn't find a name like that when I googled. Weird!

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Well Damon is
The name's meaning is tamer. It is derived from the element 'daman' meaning to tame, to subdue, to kill.
and Masa Biata is
Masa =Corn Dough
Biata = Blessed or happy
Last night I woke up at exactly 4:44 and thought something very similar

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Could this have been about Robin Williams passing?

He made millions happy.
The corn dough or corn doll could indicate his hollow depressed self.

Bright blessings for 2014!

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GrayLady wrote:
Could this have been about Robin Williams passing?

He made millions happy.
The corn dough or corn doll could indicate his hollow depressed self.

I have been thinking about the appreciation and joy that is important to harvest. That is what the corn maidens were about, joy in the midst of sorrow and great emptiness. A single seed was given and loved and appreciated and it grew into a great harvest. But if the forces that only want to tear down ($$ for profit$$) are allowed and even encouraged the great harvest will falter. A fake corn maiden is a very selfish thing that imitates the love and true intent of the real thing but inside it is seeking the next thing to devour.

Be alert and of sober mind. Your enemy the devil prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

I am feeling that Robin Williams's death is a sign of the loss of this appreciation and joy. When I experienced the sorrow that brought me so low of course nothing really mattered except how these feelings were killing me. But it was the thoughts and the pain of being so manipulated and used that made me feel that I could never be loved truly. I began to feel what the demon that had alternative motives wanted me to feel. But it was the thoughts that were the problem. I realized that my whole life I wanted to know the true intentions of the heart. And what was happening to me that brought me so low was intended. A part of me had to die or all of me would die. That part was my thinker. You know when your are out of food and luck and hated above all men it is not best to think about it but rather to feel something good, fresh and new.

Through my broken heart YOU/SPIRIT came


If I had not let go of those thoughts and waited for what was truth,(nothing else mattered) I would not have had to kill myself because I knew I would have died anyway. How EARTH/SPIRIT must feel with demand, demand, demand and no appreciation. And teaching the children to take advantage too. Why you are just there to devour and if you don't allow it they use the law/snake to do their bidding. Like Exxon bought the law, she flatters the court. So everybody lost. (And will loose, that is the plan)But then those with true intent will find joy and appreciation for what remains as the SPIRIT is able to fulfill all the needs of the joyful believer in each moment.

It was that freshness of the synchs that had led me to the door of that broken heart... not the person who would feel blame and shame for it.... why blessed is she who nailed me to this tree. As sure as Jack falls she will come tumbling after. We cannot intentionally hurt another piercing across the veil except we find we are that person on the other side.

So why the synchs/word of GOD that comes in the moment of GREAT HUMILITY to lift me out of that and turn my attention to YOU and the flowers.

Don't girl
Thinking is like points in an equation
We always overlook the smallest of points
Feeling, and feeling the wonder of YOU/SPIRIT
Why that is the height and depth and width

And so turning my attention to YOU whom I had sought to know my whole life I found my life

It would be hard to believe that Robin Williams had enemies but he had many. I am sure Sarah Palin was not a fan. :shock: I am sure a lover whom he at one time was very close could have become equally his enemy perhaps over the unfairness of attention to thoughts about MONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (You know a man with money is attractive until that fades due to lack of joy and he says he would rather write a book, then magically it is time to cash in on this marriage scam as planned from the beginning.) You know it was cocaine, "white girl" they call it around here, that depressed him. Attention to either one of those will depress and kill anyone, or the post shame associated with such anyway. You cannot shame a man who has experience with true intent, wild hearts can't be broken, you cannot trade shame for money with someone that shuns money because of her. Now that is THE TRUE INTENTIONS OF THE HEART OF JESUS! You cannot pull the fluffy white wool over them eyes, they see your true intent and know that being hated above all men for the SPIRIT's sake is better than the cocaine/white girl depression. Why he died so that he might live and is no longer that person whose heal was bit by that snake. Why his wisdom is greater than those who appear to flatter her. Knowing the true intentions of the heart. Now if there be love it is SPIRIT and from SPIRIT that it proceeds. She no longer owns love as that was just the form of it. Now SPIRIT loves through those we call our own. So all this is said because it is easy to understand why RW checked out. If all does not fulfill, though I reached the heavens of what flesh can do,,,, I am nothing without YOU/SPIRIT. Love is nothing, without SPIRIT. Why, all who claim to be anything are nothing. Depressing without SPIRIT isn't it? Therefore, I sought to only know YOU, for all else is vanity. Utterly meaningless!! Even so, after many honers and learning all I could it was meaningless, I even let my wild heart run like a wild horse but even this was meaningless except as I sought to know YOU I became YOU having my heart broken from all this experience. If I had not found YOU because of this broken heart I too would have Asphyxiated due to depression.

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I am rambling again but finding out that it was not you that was desired tends to depress someone and if you don't find SPIRIT/RELIEF for the soul.. well, you begin to blame women like that kid in Santa Barbara. Does money make an ugly guy more attractive? Well I was so relieved to loose everything to get rid of that constant demand without appreciation. I learned (even to the heart) what it was really all about. SHE/SPIRIT gave me a place to put the passion.

Wild Hearts can't be broken
Was love the pain that started all this
Was it the cause that drew her first kiss ($$$$$)
Or was it the reason I wanted her so
My blood runs hot, but she already knows
This is my passion play
Wild Hearts can't be broken

The preacher and lawyer have taken my bride (snake interpretation knowledge shame blame)
by their view she's come abide
IS THIS THE REASON THAT I DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's love across time get ready for the ride!!!!!
This is my passion play!!!
Wild Hearts can't be broken.


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