Thursday, January 26, 2017

The Tables will Turn

So I went through this same experience many of you are experiencing where you feel you have been manipulated and there seems to be nothing you can do. Where there is nothing but lies being told and it seems like your life is over. But it was just the beginning for me. Because I had nowhere to turn I knew I had put myself in this situation for some reason and I turned my focus completely to SPIRIT and since I really had nothing else to loose I was able to give all my attention to this. What began as a series of unfortunate events turned out to be my salvation.

I also found myself alone and a lot of time on my hands.
This enabled me to keep an unbroken thought process having to do with keeping my attention (worship) on SPIRIT. By using a table I began to see more clearly what the synchronicities of my life were telling me.

Attention = Worship

She asked "What passion created this attention to the SPIRIT in your life?" What the old interpretations called "Worship" because of the love for Jesus or the Spirit through Jesus was created in me through the normal door to Christianity. But the interpretation of Christianity is not PERFECT and I discovered only YOU/SPIRIT are PERFECT. I am so odd LOL, but YOU are PERFECT SPIRIT. I wonder why I am compelled to reveal that. The rightness that is the demand of those that believe a person should be thus and so is foolishness compared with the perfection that is of the SPIRIT. A man does not have to appear as those who try to appear perfect for the perfection is in what the SPIRIT completes in him. This is why Pam has learned to overlook what most would misunderstand because of what she sees the SPIRIT does through me. dnatree

This is why your heart was broken. Don't worry, spruce up, wonderful meetings with SPIRIT are on their way to you. Even though you may not be able to see it "The Tables have Turned".


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