Friday, March 17, 2017

The Tree and it's branches revisited

So we often seek to listen to something that feels right in the evening sanctuary time and last night we chose New Dimensions latest program on our roku " Understanding Everything" With Errin Laszlo

Liberal Sent to Auswitz
Another quote that hints at the synch I was having before listening to the program

You don't see a tree, you see a thing that is becoming a tree 

I began to see the energy and boughs of the synchronous tree that has been taking form and the poem

Dnatree quote
Like a tree, I gradually took on this form
Like a empty canvas the painter waits for SPIRIT to move
Dabbing where SPIRIT moved until the painting took form
I had no idea!
Spiritual Liberal

A parable is something the enemy will propagate but will misunderstand, but the seeker of the SPIRIT will recognize.

How does one see it and the other misunderstand?

The SPIRITUAL man becomes like a seed of a tree growing, and as it grows learns things that cannot be spoken. So that when he hears the parable he recognizes what no one else can see. So that the experiences of another perhaps thousands of years ago come to new light.

Now the customer of this information/tree is becoming the least as seen through the eyes of all those who presume

The Submit synch begins

Wonderful beings are operating in completely different ways but they still are part of this organism. (Listen to program and understand the synch)

I have been listening to this New Dimensions program and writing this from the Tree's perspective (Dnatree) and as I am experiencing it the program begins saying the same thing about the TREE. (Eternal Tree)

This Tree will grow to reach you

As can be seen by anyone who looks at the synchs they are predictions that have and are and will come true
to study the tree of synchs
 you would begin to perceive the SPIRIT for yourself. Seeing through the boughs or rivers of experience seeing as the SPIRIT sees. Don't seek to manipulate and hate as you will destroy yourself.

I still do not understand why I ended up in Tennessee and why I am led to pick up sticks each day. I have found that by cleaning the yard of dead branches, fallen trees and sticks I have everything to keep warm.

The Submit Synch is coming   OOOOOOOOHHHHH,,, WH
The Predictions for Trump, Bannon, Sessions and the GOP in General are as compassionate as they are, and will be in accordance to what they say in their heart for those they hate.


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