Saturday, June 10, 2017

The SPIRIT will do the speaking for me

That the "rod" or Aaron was the SPIRIT that budded and the SPIRIT is the one that will reach you. As Moses could not speak fluently the SPIRIT does the forceful speaking between the mutual intent of the lover and SPIRIT. Because your hearts are hardened and I cannot reach you, therefore the SPIRIT will reach you.

  The SPIRIT will do the speaking for me

The "liars" that back the "liar" are also being gathered together by the SPIRIT this also on the forums.
Yes there are lies and liars on both sides but the assertion by the real liars that those with true intent such as Comey are lying is exactly the tactic of the ultimate liar that knows he/she is the real liar.

Now the world is experiencing what the SPIRIT predicted as despiteful usage and saying all manner of things against you falsely (lying) which is the mark of experience for the seeker of SPIRIT because truth is undermined and therefore what you say is blocked by those who love a lie. That is what Jesus spoke of as they did it to me, they will do it to you.

You will see how the SPIRIT's mutual intent with the man plays out.

A transvestite is better at knowing a man than American women are taught to suppress him in the same way religion suppresses the SPIRIT. I think the love of men in the new testament has been very misunderstood. Seems to me that what is important about relationship "truly knowing you" is suppressed by everything in religion and everything that is taught in America. So you get nothing but fake people keeping up appearances.


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