Saturday, July 01, 2017

Home is the garden, a broken home feels like being expelled from the garden

SPIRAL- It comes back around, but different


Writing last night

Home is the garden, a broken home feels like being expelled from the garden.
The Separation and heartbreak, YOU/SPIRIT brought me back to the garden (leave the struggle)
YOU showed there was only YOU and I

I noticed each time home was dissolved it was for money. Ah, the home wrecker wants others to believe it was another reason (by manipulation and/lying) But in each of the three examples of synchs in 1993, with Dutch and our family and now with Trump the reason for the dissolution is not what they say but what their true intent was. It was once said, that love can make you do crazy things,, but it is not love but intentional misunderstanding for greed. I wanted to understand the true intentions of the heart of Jesus and this was the story that was written on my heart.

In the movie First Night Camelot's collusion was said to be love,,, but was it?

I have been watching how and what the true intentions of the heart are of those that try to defend Trump's actions and I don't believe it is loyalty but rather made to look like loyalty when really it is money, power, job. ( See news Kellyanne Conway)
Speaking of home this morning I asked the question of what was the meaning of having this body, this matter and it's relationship to SPIRIT and then began to write my notes above about Home as garden or sanctuary. I have been listening to New Dimensions radio about the sacred geometry of our cells and just stopped it as they began to say exactly that. What is the meaning of the body? And said, divine spark needed a sanctuary, a home, a garden. They also speak of cells that overstay their death as cancer cells. Because they have a will of their own that does not follow the intention of the body as a whole. This reveals exactly the idea behind human beings who believe they can do other than what the body/earth needs. Sin is not about the rules defined by religion, but by separation from inner guidance or spirit. All manner of excuse is given by the mind of those that follow ideology for the horror that they inflict but in their mind they are fighting their idea of sin. Like LGBT which they would conveniently see as the beast they learned nothing from Jesus and the Adulterer that was being stoned. They go on interpreting without SPIRIT demanding that their anger and hate is greater than love, any kind of love. They are all caught in a self right net.

Pam misunderstands the SPIRIT but she has love for me. I would rather I suffer than her and that is what I needed to experience. So you don't need to understand as much as you need to love those you misunderstand. So it is that I would rather you intend to love rather than first understand. Without that love you cannot begin to understand.

Pam and I had a conversation about sanctuary and home and garden and how we treat each other and how that we cannot do other than that if we want the cells within us to do the same because the opposite of that is selfishness in the cells that lead to cancer.


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