Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Comma Like clouds

So I am up late because of a synch we had two nights ago at a friends house about the "Comma Like" clouds around the moon and I remembered I had wrote about the Comma Like clouds and it was in the post about the Eclipse.



We decided to go to the darling little cafe that was floated to the spot it is now at by a barge called Cliffs cafe and bar to watch the Eclipse and share a dinner plate. We stood outside by the bay watching the eclipse, the sky was not overcast like in the picture of the bridge but clear with what Pam called "comma like clouds". That was odd about Benicia as many homes were floated in, and many homes were being lifted up. It was a wonderland for old ships and buildings. As we walked in this magical place during the Eclipse I wrote about Moses and Jesus and the humiliation that portrays that the religious NEVER KNEW ME. More later.

He said that the earthquake in Nevada and the earlier one in Indonesia that same day were both triggered by the lunar eclipse

We did say that they would think that. I just wonder if the area where the eclipse can be seen would be the least of the most effected by the gravity. 

I also found this LINK

Rather it is the name for an area of cloud on satellite imagery that has the shape of acomma. From the orbit this feature is often seen in the relatively early stages of the development of a low or depression. A comma cloud might also frequently indicate smaller systems like a squall line or trough.

So the early stages of a low or depression... Hmmmm


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