Monday, April 30, 2018

Metastatin synch ongoing

I am having a continued synch with the metastasis synch from 17 April 2018 as the fix for cancer is SPIRIT. Today I woke up and for the third time in three weeks I hear about metastasis and today it was about women with eye cancer. This feels like my intention having to do with those I am wanting to reach about seeing through the wrong eyes of interpretation rather than SPIRIT giving them the interpretation. I believe that this is a synch like the nose is a multi-function synergy of intentions. I believe this has to do with the SPIRIT's intention to reach them and that the acceptance of letting go of their interpretation that is worshiped about life SPIRIT an men is related here. An interpretation that does away with the original shame and humiliation of those who went before us makes us continuously return to that experience where YOU and I collide on this planet. Surely you can see how those who deem what can and cannot be shown to the world would have removed any reference to such shame related to women and men as they would not want a religion built on such a subject but when you look back at what was the real shame that was getting people fed to lions it could not have been the interpretation of shame and humiliation that is accepted in Christianity as to what the religion is about as it is very sanitized obviously.
   On CBS this morning they said that these cancers by several women who attended Auburn university was such a strange COINCIDENCE which when looked at from the point of the synch I am speaking of spells out what the problem is. The problem is when you lift your interpretation up above the SPIRIT intentionally overlooking what has been offered by the SPIRIT. Also if you overlook what you SAY YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR OWN IDOL that you were created for a purpose and when you lift up your interpretation above that purpose you get your own beliefs becoming a stumbling block and working against you. You do it to yourself! The message of SPIRIT through the synchs continues to say "LET GO OF THE VEIL OF INTERPRETATION THAT YOU DID NOT GET FROM SPIRIT".

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