Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Three days in the Wilderness on the way

   Like the June 11th post in 2016 Pam and I left early for her family reunion in Ft. Myers in order to spend a couple days alone in a fresh place and hear from SPIRIT. The first thing we noticed was powerful thunderstorms as we came into each destination. There was nice skies until we got to each destination and then bathtubs/baptismal rain. Pam was still weak from her MS exacerbation a few months back but I knew like the many years in California that jolting out in joy would bring her back. We have wanted to see Savannah and it was very nice downtown and by the waterfront. The freshness really helped her and myself. The next day was St. Augustine Florida and meeting my sister Robin for lunch on the beach. I told her about meeting a woman at the Georgia Welcome center that reminded me of Cassadaga Ca. and an experience I had that was sanctified by the SPIRIT in the 80's and she had a wonderful meeting with SPIRIT there. As we left St. Augustine butterflies were taken by the wind and lifted above our car as we went down the road and I felt we needed to go with the flow of SPIRIT. So we decided to go through Cassadaga but when we got there the hotel lady would not show me a room and when I finally talked them into it I found the room was not comfortable enough for Pam or myself. So we went 11 minutes away to Orange City but there seemed to be a block and I knew it was my worry about Pam and not trusting SPIRIT. We found a great room and played in the pool during a lightning storm that threatened to make us get out of the pool. We met another lady reading a book who also talked about Cassadaga and had a wonderful sleep though I still woke up at 3am as I have been doing to check on Pam. But this time as I woke up I was dreaming of Abraham offering up his son and realized what the SPIRIT meant by this dream and the words of Jesus about loving family more than SPIRIT and that I must trust the process. I was worried about the left eye and the exacerbation after the right eye operation. I decided to send the doctor the info about what had happened and her experience in the hospital due to stress. He did not take it well but decided to only repair the loose lens rather than replace it a that would be more stress. He seemed more worried about his reputation than her further exacerbation. But I have to let go and let the SPIRIT do what is needed. I have to let her do what she needs to experience. I am having synchs about her heart but feel that even so the SPIRIT can make it perfect. We went the rest of the way to ft. Myers feeling great trust in SPIRIT and our stay turned out wonderful.  More later


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