Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Falling Shelves, One through SPIRIT and Love

Pam and I had a synch with Display shelves falling and killing someone such as in the movie "Nights in Rodanthe" (26 sec) during the storm and "Howards End" during the fight

Grief of Mind and the name Judy (Judith) in the "Stockman" post about the rock caught in her tire.

Having Two eyes being thrown into Hell and the attempt by Trump through lies to force America to only have one party.  Orange is Coming, Leaders lead Astray Stuck and Redemption

Rather the two become one through love in that it is both conservative and liberal in that the law is good especially for a child but when I become a man I adhere to the SPIRIT fulfilling the intent of the law. Freedom in the SPIRIT and the way the SPIRIT works. Where the dream and the dreamer are one and do not effect those that do not share the dream. This reality cannot be done, but is created through attention to SPIRIT and True Intention of Heart.


there is only You and I Even if we speak of us and them And though you call yourself conservative and I am called liberal Or you liberal and I conservative Or I the bridegroom and you the bride When the veil of interpretation is lifted, or even torn, We will be one. What power draws the two back together again.

 Both sides of any dispute over who is wrong and who is right are wrong because they did not get their truth from SPIRIT.

I can always tell people that love me because of the synchronicity we share. Even though I had just met this person today I felt that we had such a rapport. She came and helped Pam with her vision and she was very nice. I helped her down the steep stairs and the moment we got to the bottom the mailman drove up and handed me my mail as if in perfect timing. I said, "that is a synchronicity" and she said "Yes" I love when that happens". In this perfect synchronicity is perfect love. Allowing rather than doing. It stops things like sexual harassment because the SPIRIT leads to the glove that fits your hand/dream.



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