Wednesday, July 18, 2018

SPIRIT is in control, Turn the Tables

SPIRIT is in control, Turn the Tables

I woke up remembering my 1993 dream that I asked the SPIRIT to reach you. It has to do with how my family experienced what I experienced and now America and the world is seeing it also. I intended and "gave to the SPIRIT" the intention that such as Trump "believing in his own power" "thinking it is he that is smart"  and would get everyone to follow a lie. The "mistake" in Helsinki was only the beginning as now you will find that it is the SPIRIT that is in control to REACH YOU.


I want this to be rapid and cut short in order to reach you.

Many links do not work but the words to google are there in the link such as this example
Copy and paste crime+following+leader+dnatree to google to make the old link work or just add dnatree to the search words
I don't want desolation (father forgive them they don't know what they do)
Let's turn this thing around

Let the SPIRIT reveal that it is not the power of man or knowledge or interpretations or ideology

but the SPIRIT of the one whom we all are part
that is in control

Let the religious right be confounded and all interpretations become stumbling blocks (Interpretations are anti-Christ because they are not from SPIRIT)
Let all interpretations become be shown to be what was meant by idols
let technology be shown to overlook this smallest of points without SPIRIT
SPIRIT will get the job done
SPIRIT is the ONLY key that will unlock this door
You are only ( ) I am the words that are in your mouth and heart I am "You and I" together Just one key will unlock this door I am just waiting on my friend........................... Your my addiction the power of trust URGENT! Oh the glory Let the good times roll... (partying in Romance in Spirit) Confidence blooms like a flower waiting for your love We have two tickets to paradise. DANCE BOY! Feel Like a Filament!!!!!! 


Turn the Tables

Let everyone that uses the office of president/media/religion/law in a manner it was not intended begin to fail horribly both in this country and all others
that the SPIRIT may be shown to be in control

Lift up media and others that lift up the SPIRIT through dnatree 


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