Saturday, July 29, 2017

Silence is Coming, and 20yrs of love has only gotten manipulation and pain

Silence is Coming (walk to the edge, Bonneville) (Coming Walk to the edge)
Just like speaking to those on the internet there is only pain and manipulation because there is no love. It is throwing your pearls before swine and their only intention is to believe a lie and say they love but that also is a lie


Everyone will have an opinion when they hear the lightning (synchs) of the Spirit but when the thunder hits... Silence is Coming!

Anyway, I found out something this morning about my synch yesterday. I thought it was only about Scarmucci (The Mooch) when I had this synch and it may also be but...


I wrote

 We feel that this synch is related to some energy in other's lives and/or matched energy of what I felt aboutScaramucci of the White House

While Pam was in hospital I also began to have a synch about my estranged Sister and wanted to know how she is getting along. I wanted feedback on it from SPIRIT and when I went into the Spot a girl began to match with my energy with D..... because she had bought his dead wife's old car and it turned out to be junk and she sold it the next week for less because he would not make good on it. I then put the synch the day before, and my intention this week about S......n together and realized the same energy so I called my family to see what we can do about it.

Here was the last synch I had about S....n and it also spells out this is a possibility


Dreams and Visions / Molly« on: February 25, 2017, 07:16:30 AM »Yesterday I had an experience three times that is very vivid and worries me about my oldest sister. But given how all the synchs are in interplay now it also means that something is going on at the level of this country related to the story.
Synch with "Molly"
The name Molly is related to my mother as it was one of her given names. It was also the name I through out about finding the old man we met that married my eldest sister and took family inheritance. (Related to synch with this administration.) So when I hear the name Molly I think it is something to do with my eldest sister and in the bigger picture disagreeing loved ones in the GOP party. We are all family! So not only could this synch be that my sister is in trouble but also that those finding out something in the GOP are also targeted.
Pam and I were driving home the day before yesterday and I was thinking about my sister at the moment NPR quoted a line from a movie.
Molly... You in danger girl.
Then last night Pam and I were watching Steven Colbert and he brought out a puppy named Molly and explained that Molly had found out the "secret"
http://www.cbs.com/shows/the-late-show-with-stephen-colbert/news/1006704/stephen-colbert-and-aubrey-plaza-play-with-puppies-for-a-good-cause-on-the-late-show/ Start at 3:16min
After calling my other sisters about it Pam and I had the third synch while listening to the latest Caroline Casey on KPFA saidOh Molly, Oh Molly!!
So I looked it up and here it is.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5RKjnyX6IwAmerican Folk ~ murdered bride

This synch today may be connected

Let me add this synch
Watched "Absolute Power"
might know what he knows...
(a reassuring smile)
Let's get cracking, shall we?
Show you love your country.

In my post yesterday I forgot to include my friend Bret who just yesterday was recovering from a kidney transplant.

You asked for an answer and was already given Kimberly, 7yr old accused of something that hearing the words would not get you much closer to knowing, no, you must experience being the one accused of everything over and over.

Now the experience I have had with reaching loved ones isI am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ lives through me.
When I first went through this experience the trauma/betrayal/hurt and lightning/anger of the experience taught me to stay focused on synchs with SPIRIT was so powerful that I could not stay in the pain and anger of rejection and manipulation long without it taking a toll on my health so I placed my focus fully on the sanctuary and synchs with YOU/SPIRIT and a tree grew that spelled out what I knew from SPIRIT in my heart and how YOU would accomplish what it is impossible for humans in flesh to do.

Therefore there is coming a STORM/YOU AND I COLLIDE/TRIBULATION that will reach all men to the heart and they will see the veil over their eyes that they did not get from the SPIRIT and will leave interpretations and leaders that only lead astray without SPIRIT,  and men will cling to the SPIRIT that they might live. And a man's foes will be those that love the veil more than they love him in his own family.  Get Ready for the Wild Ride!!!!


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