Friday, August 24, 2018

First Place to look, GOP, Mollie

The FIRST place I would look for the "Mollie Secret" after all the lying and manipulation is a manipulation and collusion between that Republican AG dude and the Trump administration as that is becoming more believable as the moments go on with all the "coincidences" with those surrounding this situation. I don't know but I smell something wrong here. We have to look in every direction and not let a collusion occur between these right wing groups to lie and manipulate the people of this country.

Let those that use the law in a manner it was not intended be caught in their own trap

Oh, and the Unknown Region hiding behind their technology searching my posts is probably Russia because they don't show up as Russia "much" any more.

We need to quit giving these criminals inside and outside our country the benefit of the doubt or we are giving the keys to manipulators that were spawned from HELL!

Once you see what the Shark is doing you look for how it would benefit their agenda and start looking from that point. The "trick" has already been revealed and his techniques are not as "smart" as they are "brazen" and without True Intention of Heart.

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    bold and without shame.


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