Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Mollie and the Secret, Bubblenet

I don't feel it is over because of the "Mollie/Molly knows a Secret" from the post a year ago.  And Rivera was looking for her and driving back and forth and it was not his car. I would see what her friends knew that she knew. I would wonder about the Farm owner and it would seem perfect timing for Trump and anything that fits like that I would say is the power of manipulation.

Trump.. I mean if everyone around him is a lying manipulator and a criminal but the Christians still believe he is not. The bubblenet is forming around the masses that believe they know because of their ideology. Now you might begin to see what the synch has been saying from the beginning about those that interpret and seek self rightness at any cost. Which leads into my next thoughts for tonight. Since before Trump was even running I had the synch about such lying and manipulation coming to the Presidency and those allowing this country to be swindled don't know that if he turns on everyone that he employed and they all are crooks then it stands to reason that he is what the media said all along and he will also turn on the Christians that voted for him and even his base when it becomes expedient for him to. Thus fulfilling the synch with all under the hat will have their hearts revealed. Welcome to the Wild Ride!


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