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How you will be reached to the heart

How you will be reached to the heart


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Hype, presumption, synchronicity and the Swarm

Monday, September 19, 2011

Scarlet Brought to her Knees


PAM gave this to me to SHAREI was forced in a situation that I found NOTHING SAVED me that I had planned or prepared. I thought I WAS GOING TO DIE, I thought that the dropped dead synchs that began to occur with Steve I felt were the result of my fears and were meant for ME. But I was soon to see that like the pets in the healing synch, that SCARLET OUR CAR was taking the hit and I really believe it is doing it "IN MY PLACE."I was overwhelmed how the SPIRIT provided in such an experience that seemed hopeless, and not only the one need but so many. This was an adventure in life supplying all our needs in a way that could never could have been expected.
 But understand this: If the owner of the house had known at what time of night the thief was coming, he would have kept watch and would not have let his house be broken into.

I guess the place to start is the drop dead synchs that we had in the very same restraunt as we had them before and as I was talking to a friend "TAB" I noticed the fellow in the background that I had the DROP DEAD synchs about his family member another time I was up in Eureka. I told TAB (the hairy fellow in the foreground of this pic) that the reason the Spirit always starts with the fear is then by trusting it is taken away. So it also is with the storms and the tribulation so to speak. Well on the way to Eureka the alternator in the car began making noise. At 11:30PM the alternator quit and we had to get the rest of the way on the battery and low gas also because I could not stop for gas. We made it just as She was dying into the parking lot of the motel. We slept KNOWING the Spirit would help me to find a way to fix it. After doing our work the next day I went to work on SCARLET. A young girl came up to me and asked me if I had a "CHARGER" for a mobile phone. I asked to see the connector on her phone and she said she had the right usb connector but no way to charge it. I noticed her laptop on the sidewalk next to her boyfriend and said that if she has the connector then that laptop could charge it. She said "OH YES!" I just needed to hear that. I then realised that I too needed an alternative charging system as the night before I had looked up the problem and found that DODGE was holding a gun to folks head for$680 for a new alternator installed. I had bought one recently rebuilt for the old VW for only $30 dollars. Then I found that not only does the battery not charge but the alternator seemed to short intermittantly and further crippled the car. Everyone on the internet indicated that the fix was to pay up to DODGE. Well we did not know we would run into such expense and several things seemed to be failing early on this vehicle. We went over to Arcata to do another job and there was a Harbor tools. I went in and found a "charger" on sale for $35 dollars. The problem was mulitplied by how IMPOSSIBLE it was to get even to the connectors on the alternator let alone remove it.Angry

After getting the charger we let it charge over night. However I did not know at this point that the alternator decoupling pulley was the problem and that the alternator not turning would actually cause it to "short out the battery" and cause the computer to further "shut down the car". We were in the middle of nowhere when the car failed. Halfway between Legget and Laytonville where the cell phones were dead. Pam had planned AAA would save us in such an event and I had told her the preminition that if we did not have INSURANCE that the Spirit would provide what we need but that the insurance would give a false sense of security. Sure enough it put us in such a place that only a miracle would save us as the car had no warranty and the fix was beyond our financial ability at the moment. We were in the middle of nowhere and I took the battery loose and measured with my meter a direct short of 1 ohm. As the car cooled the short went away. In order to remove the connectors and thus the short I found that this problem seemed to be engineered to cause great difficulty and bring the car to a place to make dodge the only one that could fix it. Through great difficulty I removed the connectors but it was too late the battery was dead. Jumping it would not help as the computer would not work unless the battery was sufficiently charged. Someone stopped that had US cellular which was the only phone that would work in that area and AAA came and towed us to Laytonville. I told Pam that we would rest in the Cottage Motel and start fresh in the morning. I charged the battery over night and with the intermittent short from the alternator removed we could get by the problem and the car would go about 100 miles before the computer started shutting down systems. Pam realized that most anyone else like it was shown on the net would have been forced to pay at least $600 to get the problem fixed. Between the stress and near the edge experiences together with Pam feeling helpless and totally dependent she had a breakdown in this MOTEL where she surrendered the the Spirit as she saw how the Spirit was helping me to do what could not be done without that hope.

We found the car was designed to make it impossible to repair in the field even this simple alternator problem, but we had to overcome this. When we got home I was able to research the problem further and found that all I needed to do was to replace the decoupling pulleydrastically changing the outcome and expense of this problem.
Pam cried when we finally made it to our exit in Stockton "tears of Joy" as to how we overcame through the synchs that helped us and how the scarey synchs such as Drop Dead were not what she thought and this helped her to see the true benevolent nature of the Spirit that the INTERPRETATIONS misunderstand.
Pam wanted to share her experience in the surrender and respect for the Spirit and our renewed closeness which I is exactly what I asked for relative to Irene and the synchs of late. Well many were reached through the blatant Spiritual communication of Irene and the synchs of late but still misunderstand the benevolence and the intention. We had many other miracles happen to get us home relative to this.
Today I am being spoken to about the synchs with Irene and the premonition of it spoken of in the Mount Whitney post. For there we met Irene Cuffe and spoke of the "thunder and lightning of the Spirit" needed to reach folks. Also note the dates of the Irene synchs last year at mount Whitney. I feel that if we begin to nurture mutual synchs on the forums, like the ones that we have been having and those that were stopped by those running off folks on the other forums. BearOwl synchsand the Stoves catching on fire all at the same time, that these were meant to show how we cooperate in the Spirit for mutual understanding and benefit.

When the boat starts to sink, there will be nothing but the Spirit that can keep it afloat.
The mountain is coming alive and will begin to speak again 

August is going to be an interesting month this year

Men's hearts broken from war that gather and walk as OLIVE TREES

The coming total Eclipse of the heart/ I will reach You, because you have misunderstood the smallest of points


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