Tuesday, July 31, 2018

ignite fire spark godzilla synchs

Ignite the Fire

We woke up to a commercial and also having synchs with Titans but not the football kind

Dnatree Godzilla synchs

Also having to do with individuals and even Russia that manipulate to cause separation, let them have their own fires overwhelm them as per this post unless they want to help me get this message out!!!!!!! I can guarantee it will not end well for those manipulating. You cannot know what you have overlooked that the SPIRIT knows.
Sanctuary is where YOU/SPIRIT keep me from the tempest/storm/fire, by letting go of the manipulator and the those that want to start fires and fights. Give to them that believe in creating hell, such hell in their own circles that they cannot breath, so that they will depart from me who has been a worker of iniquity their whole existence. They believe in bad and in punishment for those they hate, so give them their own punishment that they will depart from me, because their true intent is to be a worker of iniquity through betrayal and appearances. Prove their intent and then what You will do for me is better, than a bullet, it is perfect love revealing the true intentions of the heart, reaching to the morrow.


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