Friday, October 05, 2018

Loose yourself to Dance

Been having a dance synch as dancing is not thinking but feeling. It started well before this program but I watched a program where the pygmies of Africa are misunderstood and treated as the very least and killed like animals for their land etc. But they have a great attitude and dance all their problems away. There homes take only five minutes to build and they let the moment give them everything they need and have a dance for every intention. But the idea of dance is related to my walking in circles and the sufi dancing in circles as it seems to focus the right brain to give the left brain that activity. And Pam and I were taken by this video which reflects the way black culture in America knows how dance can jolt you out into joy. It is called Loose Yourself to Dance. I also notice with the division between men and women if they quit thinking as thinking and accusing always overlooks the smallest of points and begin to open their broken hearts to dance alone that and let your broken heart unfold like an apple seed through synchronicity while seeking WITH ALL YOUR BEING to know the true intentions of the heart of the SPIRIT that spoke through such as Jesus and Moses.

This was the intention of the poetry during my years alone

My own experience was having synchs for 12yrs and then after having my heart reached by SPIRIT in such a way that the seed of true intention to understand those who went before us such as Jesus, I came to understand it was the SPIRIT that spoke through him and would dance alone and listen to any music and the SPIRIT used synchs to unfold what my moments were saying such as the stories reveal.

Let the moment give you everything you need, let your heart unfold as an appleseed, while on the fruit each moment you feed. (Stephen Tree)

To understand Stephen Tree's Romance in Spirit you must understand the poetry behind each of the basic forms that came to Stephen during the time of bewilderness. These forms can be used to "get in the spirit" of Stephen Tree and also understand the system of poetry that DNA archetypes use to speak.TableThe table/altar- the altar itself is a form and has much meaning. As most of the forms that are placed on the table it represents heart. Poem :What words does this table wish to speak? When four legs and a flat you be form dictates so much of thee This is what this table says to me. like, what is on my heart or, what is on my table. Like an altar from long ago, conveying the things my heart wishes to know. (Stephen Tree)RoseThe Rose, or flower, and appletree, depict the heart in that through intention alone it draws what is on the heart/table to it as a rose draws a honeybee via the fragrance.The heart is a rose and the fragrance can draw anything you want!!!!As it was in the beginning, my love, when I was the honeybee, and you were my apple tree. For then it was the fragrance of your heart that drew me to you. Remember how we let the seaswells rise into the air, we let the mountains crumble, we did not care, whatever happened, I was your honeybee And you were my appletree. I was your prince, your wizard, your lion of Judah, Anything you wanted, I brought it to you! There has always only been You and I my love! (Stephen Tree)CherryThe Cherry- A word that spirit would not let go of Fresh, new... you must empty the cup,, before you can fill it with something new. Also fun, joy. When getting into spirit, fresh like fruit on the vine was very important. Synchronicities always had a fresh element to them.Let the moment give you everything you need, let your heart unfold as an appleseed, while on the fruit each moment you feed. (Stephen Tree)BoxThe Box, again was as the heart but now likened unto the ark of the covenant containing the DNA which contained the Blood of billions. The experiences of all that came before me which is why it is said that Christ was slain from the foundation of the earth. For he is heart.You came back to me my dream box, and it feels like the first time, like the spring time. Your more than a man or a woman, you are HEART, and I cannot help but love you. (Stephen Tree)CameoThe cameo again is another aspect of heart/ dna. A layered cameo, remember in a cameo the form is in the outermost layer. Also cameos began to come to me when I was having synchronicities with Victory, and the name victoria. Victory riding his chariot was one of the first cameos created. It is a image of a love affair that goes back eons between spirit and form.. She and I.She, my life, comes to me in many forms and it is like poetry, like synchronicity. And when he and she meet they KNOW it is right, they dance like waves on an ocean of romance. He builds a house from the ground up, she cleans it from the top down. When he and she meet they know it is right. (Stephen Tree)


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