Monday, July 08, 2019

Nature's response to Trump's True intent not being America, and to the division is RAIN!!!

Today was about the response by nature to my post about the rain in DC and the earthquakes which are related to the synch of "The division in society is the mechanism that will draw even nature to respond!"  which I posted the morning of July 4th about the rain during his speech and about the earthquakes in this synch on June 29th less than a week before the major quakes in Ridgecrest. And the reports of what has happened in DC after that if  you look at all the other synchs that came true you would have to see what is going on and these seemingly impossible things need be studied to see the smallest of points overlooked that can curb the growing desolation in America.  And of course all the synchs about Trump and Orange is coming.
News articles after the speech


The division in society is the mechanism that will draw even nature to respond!
Perhaps Sorrow will bring the JOY that is missinghttp://dnatree.blogspot.com/2019/06/the-division-was-created-to-create.html
Edit July 4th Morning Feeling of many very exciting Independence Day Celebrations in spite of Trumps rally in DC8:29 AM CT July 4thSo it would be great if the SPIRIT of INDEPENDENCE DAY be carried out in such a way that we don't have to put up with a Trump spectacle but rather it gets rained out and real passion for those he is against be shown as a great celebration such as San Francisco,,, that would be nature speaking through the passion of those rejected by this administration.
8:50AM CTIf this is about Trump and not representing all Americans then it would be fitting for nature to dampen it and to allow real celebration where all Americans are represented.
And this post about two synchs on the morning of July 4th 2019 coming true



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