Friday, July 26, 2019

Seeing through the eyes of the people of the right and the left, leaders lead astray

Like Brittany Kaiser who was an exec at Cambridge Analytica and said in the Netflix documentary that she joined the NRA in order to understand them I was taken by the SPIRIT from a conservative upbringing to learn from the true intent of not what is called liberal people but people that are "labeled liberal" by the right. I learned how much they are loved by SPIRIT and how the salt (right people who never knew the SPIRIT) who teach to learn from interpretations and ideologies are led to hate them while overlooking their own sin/separation via interpretation.

I am now finding myself going back and from that experience in understanding LGBT and many other people who are not part of the conservative movement but rather diverse and therefore labeled liberal, I have come back lie the return of the native to such as I was born into and I see that they are also just people but the leaders of both parties are actually leading each side astray to hate and leading them to war over "who is right" but there is none right, no not one. For only the SPIRIT is perfect to create exactly as intended. The abomination of interpretation peddled by leaders because it was not received through SPIRIT but from snakes in the tree of the knowledge of  "Good and Evil" which is really just "shame and blame" that is used by snakes to lie and manipulate and use against anyone that is like such snakes.

So all who follow a leader and not SPIRIT are following a lie and that is both sides however the salt of the earth who love their ideology more than they love each other left the SPIRIT many centuries ago and now they are being led to being trodden under the foot of men because "they never knew me".
The SPIRIT that was speaking through Jesus. But they only know a story about someone who actually sent them a deluding influence which is scripture without the guidance of SPIRIT which is the power of lies by the snakes to interpret what was never theirs to interpret.

Leaders such as Trump seem Godless except for the worship of power and money but though they are contrary to the SPIRIT they are going to reach You to the heart and are the power of God even through those who never knew SPIRIT to be used of SPIRIT but will be humiliated after their stent and their memory trodden under the foot of men.

"Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber.
The one who enters by the gate is the shepherd of the sheep.

The SPIRIT is the only path to God, interpretation is designed to lead astray as the story of the snake in the tree Reveals.

I am now having synchs with how cells such as two or three people who join together seeking to understand the true intentions of the heart the lover is in their midst. That is what passion teaches to let go of shame and blame though the dead seek to manipulate and gain something from intentionally misunderstanding those who seek to love and dream passionately learn real magic because of the teacher but the power of the snake who twisted the mind of the woman is to use the power of shame to entice the woman. Good and Evil is Blame and Shame and that is yours because you chose the law to follow instead of SPIRIT therefore you have chosen the control of the snake and the woman as all women join together to use their conbined influence to demand following their interpretation that is not of God but of some snake. (snakes are both men and women who interpreted without SPIRIT in order to gain power)

The law of SPIRIT once real union with SPIRIT is devoid of shame and even if they were wrong they are made right by the SPIRIT in the midst of their enemies.

The power of the SPIRIT to reach a man is such as King David, Samson, and Jacob's Dream and only with true intention of heart and belief that has grown from synchronicity, a man can pass beyond the veil and lead her/his own to redemption. But the manipulators and liars who sneak in other than the SPIRIT DOOR are really just robbers and thieves.

But the manipulators and liars who sneak in other than the SPIRIT DOOR are really just robbers and thieves.

These are they that hate you above all men for the SPIRIT's sake, they despite-fully use you for gain using the multitudes of those that followed the lie as power against you. Like the woman that leads a man using sex (Delilah) Women who use their passion in a manner it was not intended to trap is what is happening to all those men who are wealthy. Sex is a teacher but it is the power of a women to manipulate.Sex is natural to teach how all the layers of the heart when they are one without shame create exactly the perfect experience but the law is intended to block and create shame and veil you from SPIRIT  for those that do follow SPIRIT beyond the veil. As in the poetry of Israel they wander but never enter in.When Jesus said they would kill you and you will be hated above all men it was the religious that never heard him replacing the law with the law of love but rather join all the words that work to make them like unto a god in order to use against others.

A man who loses his life seeking with all his heart and passion to let the SPIRIT fix what the lie says is his shame is much greater than the one that appears to be the victim when really she was a Delilah who is intending to upturn his life in order to gain power and money. The sins of the snake and the woman are hidden from the law intentionally by interpretation which benefits them and when a man's life is turned upside down by such as these who lie and manipulate, the manipulator lies in wait for them to react knowing they can manipulate the outcome through lies. This is where true faith in SPIRIT is built and he in his sorrow and pain is ripe for the door to SPIRIT having experienced what the HUMILIATION OF  CHRIST which Jesus was talking about. The message the SPIRIT leads to is contrary to the interpretation of those that hide behind a veil of interpretation not of SPIRIT.

When you wait and judge a man according to the fruit of SPIRIT rather than the story the snake and the women paint to entrap. The story they love to use to empower their base which is the presumption of the snake and the women without SPIRIT. This leads the world to not see the true intentions of the heart to let the SPIRIT lead, but to inspire hate above all men for those who allow the SPIRIT to do what they could not do while the snake hides the truth in their hearts and tell the woman that a man should feel shame in order to limit his power by blocking access to SPIRIT.


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