Tuesday, July 23, 2019

So That is Why SPIRIT Chose Trump, to lead astray, brain overlooks the SPIRIT

I found that I love Trump though he hates "MY OWN"
because the SPIRIT will show the manipulator gets 
manipulated by SPIRIT

I am not yet perfected in love as most who still are living also are not. But the SPIRIT says that even the lying manipulators that when someone seeking SPIRIT gets used and manipulated by they can say to life that it was YOU SPIRIT that blessed me with this experience to understand the HUMILIATION and pain that reaches to the heart and makes those who have a ear hear!  So that it can be said of my life and not the person who lied and manipulated that it was YOU that reached me, or as the poetry goes as I look down from the cross having been speared "It was myself that put me here as I truly sought to know the true intentions of the heart but I could not do it so I left it to SPIRIT how to reach me and show me your ways. It has nothing to do with the veil of interpretation given you by those that never knew me, such as those that interpret without truly experiencing the truth about the cross. It was intended, so that seeing they would not see,,, (those that interpret and judge,yet never knew ME says SPIRIT) This  was the message of SPIRIT that the truth was not what was written but that those truly letting the SPIRIT lead would be hated and killed by those who are self right who read the book but never experienced what was meant to reveal through interaction with SPIRIT all that is HIDDEN. It is going to be a wild ride! But that was revealed over 20 yrs and every person rejected the message. So we learn to welcome even the hateful who manipulate because of how the SPIRIT has planned to use even this such as being manipulated and deceitfully used as those who went before us wrote in code for those having an ear, but the for self-right they are being used as the SPIRIT even uses what the SPIRIT-less do to reach the heart of men to save those from death and lead the self right to their due.

So That is Why SPIRIT Chose Trump

For though I am not perfected in loving I prayed for this man to come
in order to reach you to the heart

When I dreamed reaching America I asked SPIRIT that if I could not reach them then give them a leader that they especially the right people on the right that control society be given a leader that would be all they dreamed but that because of the smallest of points overlooked he would actually lead them astray and reveal all who just want to win such as those that want to appear right like the self right in religion and those that really blame and hate ethnics not knowing that they are responsible for creating thoughts that hurt themselves through their OWN beliefs.

But everything even  a manipulator is doing the will of the SPIRIT but in the end without getting guidance from SPIRIT you make mistakes and if you do big outlandish things without the SPIRIT and the smallest of points overlooked by the brain then you make I have many of the same problems like a thorn in my flesh as Trump but the SPIRIT says "I am that I am" but without SPIRIT those weaknesses lead to a broken heart, but that is how SPIRIT shows how to make the experience perfect even when there are those trying to manipulate and lie and use them against me. That is the path of SPIRIT as Jesus revealed. But they overlooked the SPIRIT which is the completion to perfection of love. So it was said without love you are nothing, but it is for this reason that without SPIRIT you are nothing. Unveiled and Uninhibited like Trump but allowing SPIRIT to make me right rather than manipulation, lying and money to cover the shame of who we really are.



There is coming a situation where the manipulator leads to a situation (stuck) where the "smartness of the snake" will fail and something will have to happen, and that is when the SPIRIT will be revealed and those that rejected the SPIRIT will see they have committed a crime by following a leader.

Desolation will be caused by rejection of SPIRIT and what was overlooked or covered up for money and power.

Synch on this date
SPIRIT already knows those that would seek to use this without true intent and it will turn on them and show the dangers of interpretation of even this without SPIRIT leading

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Got this book in the works about following other than the SPIRIT such as Eve and the manipulation and lying Snake who manipulated the words of the SPIRIT to lead the woman astray.

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