Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Synchs the last few days

We went to Waffle House yesterday to sit there and drink tea while waiting for a Chiropractor appointment and there was a young girl there that I had once been friends that reminded me of another person that had been close to me at one time. I waited to see how this person would react to  seeing me again as we had been friends at one time. But they seemed not to remember me and ignored me and that told me that I should let go of that person that they reminded me of because that was what they had last wanted and that without them being reached it would only result in the same pain and lack of love that was always the results of that experience because they really could never understand the true intention of the heart without being reached by SPIRIT. Therefore their heart would be broken and the only way they could ever relate to me in the future was through the SPIRIT as if they could be reached they would experience such a great message from me through the SPIRIT and understand what has been kept from them.

Also had a synch with meeting the daughter of a friend that was really messed up in that when I walked in the store and met the cashier I said that she looked like a person named Sandra to which my mother is Sandra but she has many problems that she caused herself so they are not close now. I realized I knew this already and wondered how I knew this was her daughter. I was told that Sandra had chosen a different life because she blamed a person who she blamed for her own problems she had created herself recently and had put herself in a real difficult situation because of her decision to move from the pot to the frying pan.

Next synch I do not think was related to the above synchs but seemed to be related to each other and perhaps the synch with Trump and tripping up in recent posts. So yesterday I took Pam to her Tai Chi and then took the dog for a walk in a part of the park no other peaple were at. What made me decide to go to this recently opened area was this man carrying his bike. I said would it not be easier to ride it. And he said that it had fell in a hole and damaged it but that he would recover easy as he has another rim already. As he walked by I noticed this section of the park that had been opened and mowed by the lake the other side of the street and also there were orange flowers over there. As I got to the other side of the street I stepped in a hole and had to recover from almost falling, then a few steps further another hole that had been hidden tried to get me to all again to which I again recovered without falling. I then went into the park on that side and let the dog off his leash to run and chase sticks. We went exploring to the back of the area where I found another of my recent intentions which was to find bamboo growing near our home to see what kind would grow here.

I had a synch about the movie House of Cards about a father that had died and the young daughter went into a trance to reach him in the Moon. Which is also in my writings from 1993


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