Sunday, January 12, 2020

Going a different direction

This no longer feels like America, it feels like Trumpliesland and if we cannot reach them then I really don't want what it is becoming without SPIRIT. Reach Them to the Heart MYLIFE. This country is a shit hole of separation and ill will waiting to be destroyed. If the world is not reached about interpretation and SPIRIT then I want what the SPIRIT wants for this world.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Going a different direction

They will allow any kind of speech and lie and manipulation but they will not allow truth, they interpret what was not theirs to interpret. What will occur when the SPIRIT through the father has had enough?. What, then to Your demands for a lifestyle stolen rather than given. The writing is on the wall, desolation is inevitable.

You don't understand but you will or good riddance

edited to add:

There may have been another attack of a US base in Iraq 30min ago but though it is all over the net there is not one news agency in the west reporting it.
Here is the closest report I could find that was not from Iraq or Iran media. They must have to verify it first.

Trump is really what every indicator including the synchs says, which is he is a dangerous lying manipulating con man.... then he needs to be out,, but we need to reach America about what this blog is about as that is a precursor to this being over.

The SPIRIT is able to manipulate the manipulator and knows exactly his game plan as the synchs have revealed. The manipulator can be led to do what he cannot see will lead to the greatest humiliation and defeat of all under his hat as well,  but the conditions need to be met, then all this can be changed. But if the world needs to loose the tools they have by fire in order to realize they cannot do ANYTHING any further without the SPIRIT then that will happen. Would you not rather have your children live happily or live a life of hell of their own creation by following these leaders?


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