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True intentions of the heart concerning the Impassable Way

True intention of heart

What I want to say is that I saw how the SPIRIT took me through my wild heart, not to negate the mores of humans but to understand how we ended up with them and what the demand for the law has led to together with the influence of mammon. The demand for a king and a law is what led to interpretations that led to mores and laws. But attention to this instead of the SPIRIT leads to division, separation, hate, misunderstandings and then shame and blame. But what if it is all "meaningless" and the presumptions of women made into laws by what would be equivalent to the snake in the tree manipulating her. Such as it appears to the democrats that Trump is doing in order to get the religious right's vote.

I saw what was expected by the religious right which was my origins and wanted the SPIRIT to put another person using the best manipulations that the mind can conceive of but that following the "wishes" of those that love an interpretation he would APPEAR to be exactly what they want but really he would have his own intentions. This of course would lead to what the self right according to interpretation have overlooked and lead to a problem.

I wanted this contrasted with how the SPIRIT interacts with the wild heart in such a way that you see what is coming that is overlooked by the mind and follow what the SPIRIT says in order to fulfill the "True intentions of the heart".

Lately I noticed that such as the SPIRIT does for me Trump was using the power and manipulation of money and media to appear as though some outside event comes in to save the day. This is very similar to how the SPIRIT in my own experience but not a manipulation by the mind. So what I am saying is that we want all to be fulfilled but not by the minds manipulation because that causes unforeseen problems that seems right but in the end leads to desolation. The SPIRIT is going to reveal to those that remain why it has to be this way and that your biases that you call the law misunderstand the true intention of the heart for why things exist. The manipulators often use the interpretations and shame related to what is from SPIRIT to reach a man to the heart but it is not her place to interpret and be above the purpose of passion because the purposes are misunderstood and leading to separation and at some point this brings desolation because the Christ SPIRIT that created this life has allowed her misunderstanding even to the point of death for all humans.So interpretation of the law without the SPIRIT leads to those manipulating for money through shame to USE the beliefs about men against the SPIRIT but their true intent without the SPIRIT is hidden. If their true intent can be hidden then Trump's true intent is to show this through using the law in a manner it was not intended.

The world and the US in particular in order to be reached to the heart about their interpretations they demand the world worship be taken by their presumptions to the edge of death by these hidden intentions so that you can see why Jesus had to take the path he did which was saying that the reality you live is temporary but when the perfect comes the partial which is this reality of shame and blame would be done away with. But in order to get to that point we have to let go of the law and let attention to SPIRIT fulfill the law.

What I found was similar to what I hear Christians saying about Trump. Which is we overlook his weaknesses because of what we believe about the SPIRIT fulfilling "perfection" through the person. In other words "perfection" is not of the flesh as revealed through the new testament but is the love of the SPIRIT working through he who has died to shame and blame and looks only to the SPIRIT. You will be taken to a place where you see the need for SPIRIT to fulfill your intentions but only after being washed by the word of the SPIRIT in your life. All interpretations will fail similar to how everything that Trump does through manipulation seems to ward off the arrows of the dems. So we move forward to that JOLT that will reveal what has been overlooked. And all who try to manipulate against the SPIRIT will have their hearts revealed and lead themselves to desolation of heart, life, and even to death if they intentionally misunderstand.

All religion is nothing without the SPIRIT, but with the SPIRIT all things such as this become truth such as trees that you may eat from, but you then are shown why the tree of the knowledge which leads to shame and blame is prohibited with SPIRIT.

The power of manipulation and lies is designed to lead to an end to the path, while the SPIRIT is the continuation of the path. There will come a JOLT THAT WILL REVEAL YOU FOLLOWED A LIE WITHOUT THE SPIRIT.  http://dnatree.blogspot.com/2016/12/the-jolt-that-will-reveal-they-followed.html

I was taken through everything that is misunderstood by the law such as the  joy of passion and learning from the freedom in SPIRIT as to why we feel the way we do. Testosterone is not understood by men and men trying to please women have led the whole world astray. Not just Trump but all leaders since the separation from SPIRIT. But first, the humiliation which is the cross is illustrated by manipulation leading to the impassable way.

The SPIRIT will fulfull your intentions and make them right for the moment. Such as the joy of passion and how a meeting is made perfect between You and I if we dream it perfect. The world will misunderstand and hate you because of the veil of intepretation and because of their desire to cover their own shame. But it is coming that your sins are not the sins that they are being destroyed for but it is what they have hidden. Those that have had true intention of heart their entire life to reach SPIRIT will be made right while those SEEKING TO TRAP THEM will lead themselves to their own desolation.

As was said about all the predictions and what is coming,,,, GET READY FOR THE WILD RIDE!!

Those hiding behind a veil of interpretation such as religion and appearing righteous will be revealed to be last, while those they hated for money and to cover their own whore shame will reveal their hearts.

Review the synchs over the years and let go of your shame and blame and you will be saved from your own intentions by seeking with your whole heart to reach the SPIRIT.

Because the SPIRIT is able, I have given it to YOU/MY LIFE that you might reach them with the true power of the SPIRIT 1993

google dnatree plus keywords if any links are broken as the info is out there.

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