Friday, March 20, 2020

Clear Communication from SPIRIT is coming do not misunderstand

Clear Communication from SPIRIT is coming do not misunderstand



Safety and Orange Event 2007 Prediction

Saturday, January 12, 2019 

Threat Level Orange predicted, Orange Event

Predicted one year prior to coronavirus

Raidoactive synch this last week and the stephentree.com/orange website

Edit to add:8:45pm read about Sonic Hedgehog and found this in my synchs and I feel it is related to me talking to SPIRIT to activate a gene.

Link 2014
This made the sonic hedgehog gene come to mind because when it radiates it's signal too strong it can produce extra digits. The radiation to grow the digits slows down as it comes to full flower (five digits) but if it still has excessive radiation an extra digit can be made.

Ok this feels like "A miracle is something that is impossible but happens anyway"

Ok so this is where the synch may be leading or even both since SPIRIT is very synergistic.
Oh, and no the power of SPIRIT is a growing tree and cannot be stolen, you would just destroy yourself trying.

This is just a thought but Trump probably wants to orchestrate another Masquerade so he can make it look like he is in control, but the SPIRIT already knows what he is going to do. It is important to remember that the Unexpected synch revealed he does masquerades to make it look like he is in control. He does not know the humiliation of another manipulation and how what he has overlooked will again...... Oh well not one person seems to care anyway, am I alone in this MY LIFE?

Coming Soon

Sunday, December 25, 2011

December 26th, the courage to go on

The most stupid thing that Trump can do is try to manipulate during this time because the people have to Trust their government and because the SPIRIT already knows what you did in the future even if you change your mind three times to believe you are smart.

Synch with my Huckleberry post and this defiinition of Huckleberry
So "I'm your huckleberry" means "I'm just the man you're looking for!" But I will only work with those I can trust.

The synch with Silence is Coming and how quiet it is in cities in Italy.
All of this makes the outside world mostly quiet, except for the ambulance sirens.
This synch started with van life 

As Crazy as you may think My Story is you will be thought crazy for not getting it out soon.

In Progress.....


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