Monday, December 14, 2020

Woke up dreaming of one heart that was broken

 Woke up at 3:49 with a dream someone I knew was to experience loss. I thought about the cross and the experience that takes your mind from presumption because of loss, because of overwhelming need to not think and surrender to the SPIRIT waiting for something real. And then finding the next day though you recieved something you must again experience what takes your thoughts away so that there is a need to stay close to the SPIRIT. The letter of the book says one thing but the purpose of the cross is to answer what cannot be written about where to find truth as the people demand that certain things appear to be in the book but what is really important that would not be recieved by the presumptuous that do not die to their own presumptions is the work of the idea of the cross related to loss and shame and blame and being  broken hearted as he was. But if we blame them and do not see it as YOU/MY LIFE put here because you loved me then we do not experience the loss that is unto death of the brain/ego which is really needed to KNOW YOU. In other words if we do not allow the last bubble for the SPIRIT's sake. Loss is the profound winning of the cross.


The wonderful story of Alma on 60 minutes as related to being in the SPIRIT or where your consciousness goes naturally as thought I died to my old thoughts and now I am in love with YOU. I can't stop thinking about YOU. YOU/SPIRIT are the poetry of the synchronicity of my moments that I stay in like Alma on 60 Minutes but rather related to the person Jesus in the poetry of Christianity. Of course the SPIRIT could lead you via another story but the story is in our DNA and all the billions of people that have experienced this life and loss and death and food,, yes the poetry of the emptyness being filled by such as the experience of life affords. These things are in our dna.


The story of Whale Rider I was again drawn to related to death of a people and a way of life and how I intend to see Americans like at the end of the movie where both republicans and democrats joyfully together in the boat rowing in the same direction not because of presumption but because the SPIRIT has returned that is not of division or "We Are Right" like the presumptuos that follow Trump but rather taught by the cross which "REACHES TO THE HEART" Therefore I must break your hearts is the message because that is how we are really reached past the presumption of what is interpretted. 

My synch with Whale rider yesterday and Today and related in my blog

"My name is Paikea Apirana, and I come from a long line of chiefs stretching all the way back to the whale rider. I'm not a prophet, but I know that our people will keep going forwardall together, with all of their strength." - Whale Rider.


Enjoying Whake Rider for the umpteenth time tonight after Colbert New Zealand

The cup turned over while I was thinking about the whale and death and so I add empty the cup like in death so that it can be filled. The more empty the greater the filling. Do Not lean on your own understanding/presumptions.

Through my broken heart YOU came MY LIFE. The reason to KNOW YOU, and to know the "true intentions of the heart". Power over death and my tribe "Americans" 





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