Sunday, December 14, 2008

Merry Christmas, and our weekend

Let the Spirit that is regarded as last by religion and men now be first. Let the letter and interpretations of men which they have regarded first now be revealed to be last.

Friday Night Dec 12, 2008
We arrived at the coffee shop to surf the net and just get out for a little bit. I noticed a fellow sitting outside reading a book that felt like a match for my energy. I went out and asked him the name of the book as he was very much enjoying the energy of folks around him and seemed to lift his head from time to time to take in some of it. He showed me it was a book by C.S. Lewis called A Horse and it’s Boy. Oh, I love C.S. Lewis especially in Narnia. To which he sail. Oh, Yes, he is wonderful as a storywriter. We soon found out that each of us were poets and the synchs of late fitting with his perspectives and the story of my life came out in a fresh way with Roger.. that was his name. He was into the ritual of the catholic faith but also had experience with synchronicity and the explanation that we shared as both our experiences came out in the conversation about synchs. He love the poetry about there being only YOU AND I. And that seeing only YOU is the power of love and focus. Oh, and the idea of Romance with Spirit for inspiration in writing etc. But what he had never considered about my experience with synchs was this. That synchs reflect all the possibilities growing into the future and that like the following poem they often discourage the unbelieving and impassionate from ever experiencing anything making it to FORM.

Like a tree I gradually took on this form.
Like an empty canvas the painter waited for Spirit to move. Dabbing where Spirit moved until the painting took form.

Our conversation went on:
Lets say You had a great intention, because You indeed did believe. And You wanted to experience the true intentions of Your heart, for You know that those that went before You had great intention, and You wanted to allow all of that, that was possible into Your experience as You had come to see possible through synchronicity. So You noticed the synchs in Your life and You treasured Your moments knowing that though the synchs were disjointed and darting at first all over the page, You trusted that the tree would take form. At first synchs occurred on all the things that were to be in the future. As time moved on these things began to take on a form as the future took form from what was to be and what was now possible because of YOU. And You stayed with it, far beyond the misunderstanding of the veiled and the deteriating nature of modern societies demands. Roger loved our conversation and we planned to meet again at this coffee shop and perhaps for the poetry readings.

I then went back into the coffee shop after meeting and speaking to Roger and this fellow said to me, “I am sorry, I was eaves dropping when You were talking to that fellow out there and I have to tell You what happened to me”. The other day I went and sat under this tree and this leaf fell and touched me and when it touched me it felt like a ton of bricks. And then the next day I was with friends near that same tree and I told them to excuse me and went and sat again under that same tree and a few moments later I felt an acorn hit me and thought my buddies were messing with me as once again it hit me like a ton of bricks. I looked over to where they were but they had not thrown it. Then the fellow opened his folder he was working on a school project in and in the pocket of the folder was the leaf and the acorn.

The way something fresh and new in the synchs matches the next meeting to make it exactly the experience the next person needed to share reminds me of this story I wrote around another Christmas time and so it is appropriate for right now.

Later that evening:
Later I was feeling my way to getting in the moment and hearing from my life and could not seem to slow down enough to get in sanctuary. Pam was concerned with some recent news and was troubled because all the loss out there in the news and all seemed to also be shadows in her reality and was looking for what to do. I realized that what we needed to do was get into the moment by lighting a fire and spending a few moments rubbing her back where she was sore. In doing this I slowed down and got into “this moment” with her and both our answer turned out to be the same thing. She knew that she was to surrender that worry and get into “this moment” and trust that YOU/life would indeed take care of her as she takes care of the moment with YOU/You. Like a husband the Spirit wants her to not worry but share this moment and then the intention itself would draw the answer but to think of all these other possibilities only provided energy to draw problems before solutions.

Other weekend thoughts
I grew weary because so few even regarded the Spirit, but then YOU refresh Ned me that it was only for YOU that I do this. You showed me that the Spirit that is regarded as LAST by religion and men would now be first. And the letter and interpretations which have been regarded first by men now be revealed to be last. You reminded me of that intention that I had from the beginning and how looking from that perspective revives me.
The ability of a woman to match a man’s energy and treasure what he treasures and then give it back to him when he has needs it.

The end Christians are creating for their own treasured beliefs and the new beginning of something born out of that true intention to know the Spirit.

Like the man that everyone had an interpretation about but when the hidden things of the heart were revealed. What was hidden was made manifest.

Saturday 13 dec 2008

Herding a flock of Pegasus’s

Pam and I were on our way to the bird sanctuary and we saw a great number of horses in a coral. We reminisced about the Pegasus we saw on the coast and then laughed about having a herd/ No a Flock of Pegasus and how much more difficult it would be to round them up and get them back into the coral. The thought of such an extra dimensional universe and how hard it would be to do things like herding a flock of Pegasus’s because of the three dimensional nature of such beings.

Quote from my blog
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As usual around this time of year I am having the intent of "The Gifts are ON the Tree" and intend that the Spirit cause a day of great synchronicity and luck for my loved ones to see what life can be like. The experience will come with the message that this is grace given to them on my behalf, given to them at my request.


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