Wednesday, April 16, 2008

what is heaven or even a new earth without my beloved. [without my children]

From my own experience rapture has already occurred and anyone that loves the idea of a taking away from the earth has not given much thought to their loved ones. And it is my experience that scripture that has not been verified by the Spirit in no uncertain terms is a misinterpretation even if it seems to be obvious. It was love that motivates one to find this out from the Spirit because from all interpretations most of our loved ones would not make it and what is heaven or even a new earth without my beloved. [without my children]

Now it is this love that makes one seem as though they are apathetic towards their loved ones when they find the only thing that will accomplish what has to occur is reaching to the Spirit and in doing so the words of Jesus about loving me [the Spirit] more than your children or family is understandable. It is true love for family that grows the relationship with Spirit in order to overcome the MOUNTAIN of interpretation and find the Smallest of Points overlooked that changes everything. To say any interpretation of the letter of a book is true without first coming to know the Spirit as regards to any matter in the true intention of the heart is to show a lack of thought and love for Your own.

No rather, this mountain of seemingly impossible to fulfill interpretations were meant to cause one to put forth the passion to find out from the SOURCE what is and what is not. Until You have experienced it from the Spirit no matter if You are silent for a lifetime until You have been given enough to see what the form truly is, I suggest it is a stumbling block meant to be believed by those that love the letter and therefore in believing they will find out in the end all the beliefs and judgements they had because of the letter and man's interpretation was for them. The hell they concieve by believing the interpretations of man without seeking FIRST the Spirit is what They are to draw to themselves. The first in interpretation have been caught in a net as they rejected the cheif cornerstone which was the Spirit in that they interpretted without the help of the author.

So don't revel in the fact that Your interpretation which condemns one soul on earth is correct IT IS NOT ,for all will be shown to be lacking the cheif cornerstone except they empty their rightness and seek the Spirit in ALL things earestly. All else is not love, it is a net, it is a stumbling block meant for those that love interpretations more than they love each other. I imagine there are many choosing to leave this planet soon but none here want to go the way they will be taken. And it will be their going that will turn men toward earnest passion for the Spirit. Seek beauty and love from the Spirit and hope You are wrong about the interpretations of the book, because it is not for those that the interpretations send to hell, but rather those that would believe such without the love to seek the 'Spirit.

The first shall be last and the last shall be first


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