Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mis-understood by my own

After being mis-understood by those of my own I left for many years and they misunderstood that and believed what they wanted to believe about me. Then upon returning they thought I wanted to be back with the veiled misunderstanding self right.. but again they misunderstand. All the predictions that came true was not to win them back,,, but to show them the smallest of points they had overlooked that they might begin to know the true intentions of their heart that they might come to a place similar to where I am. But most will never see me again as time is short.

Other Synchs:
The more humans believe they are to do for themselves the more they have to, because they do not understand the laws of life.

The dumbest of animals are taken care of while humans make their own problems. A full cup recieves nothing. Empty Your cup and see what the universe wants to give You in this moment.

As usual around this time of year I am having the intent of "The Gifts are ON the Tree" and intend that the Spirit cause a day of great synchronicity and luck for my loved ones to see what life can be like. The experience will come with the message that this is grace given to them on my behalf, given to them at my request.


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