Sunday, May 03, 2009

You will die if You read this without KNOWING ME

You must read this post and understand me or experiencing what I have written here is meaningless.

Attention, do not proceed except You intend to know the Spirit. If You came here for any other reason You will not see what the Spirit intended and You will be in danger of all the fearful things written in the book and in my writing because You really never knew me.. Danger! Do not proceed without True intention of heart.

Do not proceed...... without first having experience from Spirit that indicated my true intention of heart.

I want You first if You have any fear from any post I have written. And if You came here with true intention of heart to love me and the Spirit that sent me then I want You to relax, and allow Yourself to breath (the one I am talking to) Because when You give a passionate anger or pain to the Spirit and do not return it to the one that judged You so that You do not separate in Your heart by hurting them, You can believe that what comes back from the Spirit is from the heart.

Judging a book by the words written by those that knew of Jesus but even they did not know the true intentions of his heart but were led to want to know it through the Spirit. This is how the blood of billions was shed by those that misunderstand the heart. For they desired to judge actions and appearance without ever truly knowing the true intentions of the heart. Therefore they draw the fear that they are really possessing inside. You cannot judge Your husband by actions as his actions are often part of Your intentions. These same secretly use his action that they misunderstood to excuse their own action.

Reading the book of revelation without knowing YOU Spirit You would find that You and all Your loved ones would be guilty and going to hell no matter how perfect You believe Your interpretation is about Jesus and even Your belief that You have the Spirit as many in religion do. Because the door was much more narrow than interpreting the bible correctly. And in reading a recent post without KNOWING the TRUE INTENTION OF THE HEART. In that post and many others those that read sound bites about me and really never try to understand my intent were told that I had given the ANGER and the INTENTION to the Spirit and that I wanted them off my planet. But that is also the secret to understanding the terrible things written in the bible. Because the father's that knew the Spirit were also angry and what was written was often as a prayer given to the Spirit, but knowing YOU then the intention would be passed out to each person according to their true intention of heart. Those that fear and misunderstand Jesus would misunderstand this intent. So it is that one little thing that Jesus said that made it through into the interpretation changes entirely everything about all the scribbling by scribes. Of course my intent is to REACH YOU. Not to kill anyone or that anyone might perish. But the fearful and unbelieving will misunderstand anyway. We cannot destroy this world without destroying ourselves. We cannot destroy the law without first gaining a new veil but one given from the Spirit. I am leaving to go to a new life. This was the smallest of points that could not get past the bible that there comes an interpretation that misunderstands me and interprets Jesus without Spirit. For the letter got those hiding without the Spirit to desire the end of everything in this world and gave them the deluding influence to create the end through their intention. Now with this intention the world was almost destroyed recently without any of You knowing. There needs to be a fresh tree planed for as Jesus said to them about every new expression that is more and more misunderstood that even Christianity would be like salt that has lost it's savor and that the religion of Christianity or "this world" would be trampled under foot. As salt should be when it has lost it's savor. A new tree planted like a new flower is the essence but this tree too will grow old and be cut down and thrown in the fire as the Spirit is always being made fresh. Now concerning the intent that SHE and those that SUCKLE her fears be gone I had given this same passion to the Spirit and chose not to put my anger on her as she did to me as I have described. And the smallest of points the Spirit revealed to me back then was included in what she said. "It's strange what Love makes You do some times". For that is the same reason that I did all that I did to understand that You cannot judge actions or by interpretation but only the Spirit that knows the true intentions of the heart can judge. Jesus came not to tell You the truth in the book, but to direct those that want to overcome what could not be figured out by interpretation as those that needed the law the most are those without the Spirit that carry the book under arm. But Jesus came to lesson the strangle hold of interpretation that You might have more abundant life while You fulfill other intentions of building and experiencing what would be used to reach Your hearts. But although they misunderstand and even slay him. He did not want to destroy their interpretation outright as that would destroy "the world". Rather he planted a new tree, or he intended a new creature, but knew what the decay of life without Spirit would do. Freshness is more important than appearance. In my anger the Spirit said it would do exactly as I asked because of this relationship that is the ONLY important relationship. My relationship with Pam is teaching me how to be more patient with a woman's fears, and how to use the love I experience/not learned as in interpretation, but the love of the Spirit to fulfill the intention of relationship rather than the law or marriage. So that love keeps us together rather than a law that leads couples to misunderstanding. I am going to a place where the Spirit will make every being feel as though You are the ONLY ONE. The place where each of us really exist.


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