Friday, June 15, 2012

The Tree and it's Branches

Hidden in Plain View is the the tree in the stories of the SPIRIT/God of Israel
Like the fact of the TREE that is gradually taking on "this" form.
"A Branch shall come out of Judah"

Like a tree I gradually took on this form
Like an empty canvas the painter waited for the SPIRIT to move
Dabbing where the SPIRIT moved
Until the painting takes form
I do not know where this is heading

Here is a PM to a friend on another forum that was asking about plants thinking

Hello again my friend

I am having a wonderful synch with branches of a tree and how each day is like a branch growing. How if You see this life as a single line and each day is a line off of that line/vine. Again in the starting new each day that it is like a child being born new. And if we start this child in a way/synch that is true he will/the day will not depart from it. A branch will come out of Judah. Love is like my own/family and attention to "Her" keeps her in my pie. (this is not attention to the woman directly, but love for "my own" and that love directed first through YOU/SPIRIT) I do not look at the person but to the SPIRIT who is able to keep "Her" in my pie. (attention to the woman/spouse directly led to separation) Attention/worship keeps her/YOU/them/loved ones ever near to me. YOU/SPIRIT as the Cream BOX where my treasure lies, learned from the poetry of loving her/woman. (See dreambox) It is ok, for tomorrow I am again born new, a new branch will grow from the tree. Hidden is the tree as to why a branch will come out of Judah/family/tree. Each day a new child, bring him up in a way that is right and he will not depart from it. I saw each day of the one life as the branches. The poetry of the vine and the branches being the SPIRIT as who spoke through Jesus/not Jesus as religion interprets and that YOU/SPIRIT are MY LIFE. To be born again is not once but every moment as also I die daily.

So it is with the growing tree of synchs, (and the miracle of the leaves that are made from YOUR light) for many years each branch began to grow and then branched itself from each bough. Like a tree I gradually took on this form. 

Just wanted to share
Love, Your friend P. Steven Spence

PSS Romantic Love is not very detailed in the Old Scriptures because the first Love was SPIRIT and true love is loving them by loving the SPIRIT as YOU direct that love. Contrived love only leads to separation. True love is of the heart and SPIRIT as true worship is to worship in SPIRIT and truth. The beast/creature/woman/man demands you worship them but 
Love them by loving the SPIRIT!


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