Thursday, November 29, 2012

Passion is what we need

Whitecat wrote:
Is it just me, or did we just pull the longest "Blank" I've seen so far in the Dreams and Visions part of our lives? How long has it been since anybody here had an Origional Prophetic Dream Or Vision and posted about it? Do we all need to start taking the Little Blue Sleeping Pills when we go to sleep now?

It just baffles me......did our Mental-Radio's get turned off or something? or is it just me?

Mt. Memory/dnatree wrote
Look into Your hearts and see if You are putting Your passion where it is due having seen what You have seen of the SPIRIT on this site. If You deny/reject the truth the SPIRIT is revealing and rather put out intention for another truth then what is real that You have experienced will dissipate away. Such as "Stop lying to Yourself".

If You are ignoring what is in front of You, then You will be ignored even within Your dreams.

The passion of the SPIRIT is directly proportional to the passion You OFFER within Your PRAYERS/INTENTIONS given in secret. (related to what You have received, to each is given a measure)

Like a man the SPIRIT/LOVE will struggle with You for a while until through denial and rejection I go away and You choose to live alone and hide yourself behind your tears. Love overcomes all things.


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