Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Relax and allow the SPIRIT to work through You

I am feeling what Whitehawk had to say in Littlelight's post, relax and dream here in death valley and SPIRIT will take care of it all. Like how I do business is I do not do as much as I allow. I walk and dream and the opportunities show up. And like when every single person was banning me in 2011 and I was in death valley and it was very wonderful and RELAXED and YOU/MY LIFE came through and communicated the smallest of points overlooked. So it is right now, that I am getting exactly what fits with what has happened on the forums and it will make PERFECT SENSE when the SPIRIT shows up. Now for the dream I had the other day. 

In the dream I had taken a job as a waiter in a coffee and donut place and I was overwhelmed by the experience as I was not the kind of people person that such a job needed and "getting there" would take a miracle. :D I remember all the feelings from how I needed to smile and greet each person and remember the orders and just every little thing related to each bloody donut and then the woman that wanted me to do this job and how she acted was "very sweet" but damn, (commercial on tv: we work hard so you don't have to) anyway, I am a creative person and my mind cannot be that attentive without wandering out the window. Boy, I woke up almost in a sweat!

So I called my mother and she told me of her experience in a donut shop and then when Pam and I went to a coffee shop this 70 yr old guy told us that this coffee place was "Bert's Donut's" in the 60's. 

So, since the SPIRIT showed me the reality of how we could not reach Americans that they might turn and move with SPIRIT so now if I was to say what is going to happen because of the separated belief that I would be talking to two parties. One that hearing they would not hear or see and the second would be those following the SPIRIT that would be misunderstood and handed over to the magistrate by those without true intent. It would sound like Jesus who spoke of a humiliation he had endured and can You drink this cup and several self right said Yes, but he said You have no idea,,, dude. So I will be writing something reflecting all this and the corruption and evil related to misuse of the law by and how it related to Jesus at the time and how it has not changed one bit and that when You see what is written in red it reflects the humility of one man that sought the SPIRIT and the misunderstanding and how since they would not receive it then "I must lay my life down" because they will misunderstand and kill me is what Jesus had said. It will be clearer as the SPIRIT speaks through my experience leading up through this summer until the moment "all will be changed, in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye". For the world is already following the lie of the beast, the interpretation of presumption used to control everyone.

ATF is leading folks in Stockton Ca. to be trapped. Getting more self right seems to fix a problem for a season. Yea, it is great, gettin all those folks they hate and entrapping them,, that is good self right police work. Both these sides are criminals, well except they don't know that they are actually themselves caught in a net by SPIRIT and like the "person" that refuses to see that they are responsible for the fear that draws the bear and what comes to them to reach them to the heart (lambs to the slaughter) they draw with the fragrance of the heart, but what they really are doing is trapping those they hate. Remember the ONLY LAW is LOVE and to use the law (presumption of authority without SPIRIT) is actually lifting up your interpretation above the SPIRIT. It is making a small group of fearful and self right humans to feel safer while the creation travails at the god of this world that is perishing. A criminal feels the same way about entrapping the one she/he really hates.

Humans are like a fearful woman that believes that the man out there that breaks "her interpretation" and causes her fear should be killed, but she did not get that interpretation from SPIRIT therefore like the person perhaps she hates that is angry at society and wants to blow up people when she calls some snake that wants to do her bidding she is really just as evil as the criminal. Therefore understand the true intentions of the heart of Jesus concerning those that would kill You and use the law against you and entrap you and despitefully use you. The woman thinks her great pain/hate is justified but she does not know HE is feeling just as hurt to the heart because of the betrayal and misuse of the law. These passions can only lead to more such creations. Because the snake WILL NOT tell her that she is just like the criminal she thinks this is "being good" and what god would do to them, but really she never knew ME SAYS THE SPIRIT. And like Jesus, the fearful woman "Jerusalem" would turn and kill the son of man over and over and over because of the law and interpretation that was DEMANDED.

Let's make them pay for what You drew to yourselves
We Crucify Christ all over again using the self rightness of the law.
Because We Can!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have the vote of the masses of fearful/women and men that hide and the multitudes that YELL CRUCIFY HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey, You can't stand up for the right's of those we hate and crucify with the law, freedom of speech is only for those interpretations sanctioned by the snake. 

Lastly, those that have been despitefully used by those hiding behind the law, remember LOVE will fulfill their interpretation according to the SPIRIT through You as being good as they demand is being a hypocrite so intend out of LOVE FOR THE SPIRIT to fulfill the requirements of the law but through "true intentions of the law" rather than how the hypocrites that are completely appearance but inside they are dead bones.


"Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You are like whitewashed tombs, which look beautiful on the outside but on the inside are full of the bones of the dead and everything unclean.


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