Sunday, April 21, 2013

Threats and Fears and the Apocalypse

Now with regards to the terror in Boston, how do we get to being doves on a branch calling to each other with true intent.
I heard the interview this morning with Mayor Menino. All I heard was the same energy as the terrorists and that was "You hit us, we will hit You harder" instead of saying things like. The 19 yr old boy loved his brother and for that reason he is dying. Yes, we love each other and don't want our fellow citizens killed by anger but is the answer anger or what needs to happen in ALL OUR HEARTS? I mean the terrorist and those that think they can terrorize (authorities) to keep humans in line. I mean only the SPIRIT through mutual intent can reach the heart perfectly and not cause it to get more callous and retaliating. (Synch with a fearful loved one that I felt betrayed me, who has not said otherwise.) Faith in the SPIRIT can stop "our two hearts" as there is only YOU and I (whether it be here on the board or authorities and terrorists) on this planet from retaliating which is the same thing the terrorists do. Should we kill the kid, or should we give it to the SPIRIT to answer and then perhaps through the smallest of points overlooked we can say something to the world. All I hear is terrorists on both sides. Like You and I feeling vulnerable but we need something different. I felt like I opened to that person and they intentionally used it against me. Now they feel fear of reprisal, but I only give it to the SPIRIT and would never hurt anyone, (you fear your own punishment) but the very intentions I felt by the betrayal is that they are bent on escalation and show of power not trust in SPIRIT. Rather than seeing I am just here and speaking what the SPIRIT says and when I say what is being drawn they see it as a threat. As though I am doing it to them, but it is their very reflection of what they are doing and when they don't trust it is because they can't be trusted. Like the acorn that hit the head of the fellow who was angry at the person that violated them it only leads to more violations by them. So it really is that that person was looking for a fight and my intent was to comfort. That person feels threatened because of their anger and their true intent to threaten, perhaps the intent of power of our voice was because of feeling powerless, and wanted to show power, not of the SPIRIT. You don't make yourself safer by threatening them, that only reveals fear. The only way to love a person you can't trust is to leave them, but marriage is an failure not of real love but of money. Love needs to be free to leave when one of the two does not trust in SPIRIT. Humans need their hearts broken and need to turn to trust SPIRIT to save them from such. (this statement is natural to all human experience, not a threat) I never hurt anyone, I only say what You create for yourself. I just want to let go of the person that does not have true intent toward men and SPIRIT and go to the company of those that love me back in the garden. Because it is probably fear from all that has happened I know that You feel the same way. Mayors and board administrators if they use their power in the wrong way to try to control and show that person "their power" (not of SPIRIT) there only comes another terrorist just like them that will up the stakes. The world needs to see it is the SPIRIT through their own intentions that is what is drawing their own experiences. A beast is a assembly of members of a body and if they remember the beast they are a threat in their cooperation, that is why both sides are terrorist. If the law/rule is terror, they it creates terrorists and will never have peace. Punishment will only lead to their punishment and though it may be a terrorist trying to be heard it is really civilizations own hearts creating what they overlook about themselves. 

A broken heart is not weakness, it is the power of the SPIRIT to change things.

When You think You are being harassed, look at what you really did and how it turned out for "them" and you will see it is like going out and beating a man with your purse and running to the cops and saying he is trying to hit me. The tool of many is "yes I did something wrong according but he did something worse so he is to blame. Such is the reasoning by all who are really criminals. Reasoning that they are better because they did not do "that". Same thing as the media and authority and the false belief that all are not guilty and sentenced to death already.

Oops! I just found a hair in my breakfast, but you know, I know who's it is and I know she loves me and so I don't feel at all bad about finding it there. I just removed it and let go of it. I trust this person and she would not use that word love to betray me because that love IS SPIRIT. 

Consider how many times I have been manipulated on these boards after a real prediction came true. Who was "MistyRain", was it You? Or the wolf pack after Katrina. Or the countless times on Oro that have been covered up, like the one leading to Aug 20th 2011 (Who does he think he is)I opened to You though it was taking a chance. I cannot trust You, we can only part ways and I feel you will draw what You need to show You that you do it to yourself.

I write, because I have to, but I do not interact with such anymore. I was hurt by betrayal and when You do that to someone You will hear their pain for a time. But I will never hurt anyone, I only say "Look, what is drawing near to reach You" but for You I am done and only the SPIRIT can convince me otherwise.

Escalation comes from the presumptions of authority believing they can make a bigger threat than the opposition. It makes them feel less vulnerable when they put a gun in the hands of their neighbors and are united against "them" but then the neighbor gets mad because you now threatened them and kaboom. Aug 29th happens. Without the SPIRIT the escalation will not stop and the biggest culprit is the presumption of authority without the SPIRIT. (that includes all being both presidents and moderators and women that want to punish a man, who is she really punishing?)


I asked the SPIRIT for help because a woman had acted like she loved the SPIRIT only to lead me into what I FELT was a trap and then when it did not go right she escalated the threats and I also said what I saw she was drawing. Now it is at an impasse like North Korea and the West and only a miracle can save them both from each other's fears. Marriage overlooks what happens when a man having to stay there tries to comfort an angry woman, he becomes the problem.

When I put out "help", YOU said "ALWAYS" and "EVERY DAY" and yes, YOU ARE ABLE.


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