Tuesday, April 23, 2013

True intention of heart and the Ricin suspect

Former Ricin suspect I love this Country

I had read the writings of this man the other day and knowing my own true intention of heart I told my roommate that the only thing that seems out of place is the ricin. The rest of this guys experience seems to go in one direction while the only thing that says otherwise is the ricin. She said, What you think he was setup. I said, I would not doubt it. I have been writing about how prevalent manipulation of people using the law is and how folks intend to use the presumptions of folks against people like this. Ever increasingly the law that was intended to protect people is being used by those without true intention of heart to manipulate people they hate. Like a woman that married a man but and says she loves him but her only intention is to separate him from what he worked his whole life for. It is called leading someone down the garden path and waiting for an opportunity to use the law to manipulate someone. This is not considered a crime and there is no way to know the true intentions of the heart unless you know the smallest of points overlooked by those that judge by appearances.

The fact that they let him go gives me more faith in the true intentions of the heart of this government, but I think both the media and the government need to acknowledge the manipulation by others and misuse of the law in this country and make a point about it so that those "masses of manipulators" will think twice. Without true intention of heart a country is easily overcome.


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