Monday, June 17, 2013

Trippin on the Capstone

We had a great father's day and Raine called while Pam, Darlene and I were having breakfast at http://www.michaeldavidwinery.com/visit/cafe/ and my day could not have been better. I took Pam and her sisters to sizzler's in Palmdale the other day which was a real treat for Pam and we had a very productive trip. Everything is changing right now but with the SPIRIT's guidance I can see how it all is going work. 

I have moved into a time in my life where I don't work at reaching Americans as much as I prepare my own life for what is coming by following the SPIRIT. I have all the posts from as far back as 2001 predicting the storms and the fires etc and also how I was banned as crazy yet it all happened. The message of course was not to follow a man or me but to fulfill your communities requirements through love and attention to the SPIRIT. My message was that the SPIRIT has been rejected and interpreted out of religion in order that control and manipulation through the naivety of the presumptuous to get their cooperation because they never knew the SPIRIT they do not know the danger of their ignorance how it grows. The fearful nazi people were just following their leaders only to find themselves guilty. It is not that anything you do is bad in your own eyes but without the SPIRIT making you right and keeping your foot from stumbling you cannot do it on your own. If you think you can then it is the greatest lesson when you fall. As for who then is condemned all that believe in shame and blame and who are not led by the SPIRIT are scheduled for shame. You are led into a belief in a loving GOD not knowing that such love comes from a real relationship with SPIRIT and not a relationship with words. The fact that we were led into believing in sin and death and shame and blame is the killer. But all just want to shame the messenger which only leads to greater shame if they could see the future.

Ok, synchs with communication with animals such as this coast program on dogs and several meetings with dog owners who were really connected and my video yesterday with another turkey right up close at the bird sanctuary. I was talking about my synchs on a trip to Utah back when and "those who went before us" and a story I am writing about triping over the capstone of a buried pyramid and came upon this turkey. (The Turkey starts at 3.00 on this video.)

If Jesus is the cornerstone then SPIRIT is the capstone of which we are all being built up to lift up. And the poetry of this capstone story runs DEEP such as anyone who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; anyone on whom it falls will be crushed. The unfolding story of my life is this man who's attention to SPIRIT led to the TRUE INTENTIONS OF THE HEART of those WHO WENT BEFORE US by falling on this rock. Of all the stones in this vast plane he stumbles on this stone that turns out to be a capstone of a great mystery.

The Mystery of the Missing capstone is the rejection of SPIRIT over those being built up beginning with the cornerstone.


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